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Top 10 Bollywood YouTube Channels

Top 10 Bollywood YouTube Channels

Are you frustrated of watching regular shows and movies on a small screen? You want to have a great experience of getting updates about new energetic and most entertaining blockbusters through YouTube. Just have a look below that guides to know what you want especially from Bollywood. The list of top Bollywood YouTube Channels are given here.


T-series is the top most YouTube channel and remains as the trendsetter in building the huge number of fans in Bollywood. This is the world of music which gives the most enjoyable moment for the lovers of music.

We can find a huge collection of evergreen songs in this channel. We can estimate its capacity by looking at the subscribers of 18,672,480+ and 17,743,092,158+ views.


This channel is dedicated to providing the entertainment for all women through the serials which have been created by considering the Indian ethics in following some traditions.

The dramas in this channel give the pleasure of occurring in our surroundings. This fame of its performance achieved 6,359,615+ subscribers and 8,291,398,207+ views.


There are no words to spell about the role of Sony Entertainment Television in providing the fine videos related to trending dramas, shows of games and dance and the comedy show of Kapil Sharma which is the inspirational show for other state television channels.

It has 11,607,758+ subscribers and 7,591,482,432+ views.

4.Eros Now:

It is the brand ambassador in producing the newly released and blockbuster songs. This is the hub of music especially for Bollywood and it is the more famous Asian channel in the world.

It got 5,820,711+ subscribers and 4,846,209,555+ views.

5.STAR Plus:

This channel is the king of dramatic stories and each actor of this channel exhibits their spectacle talent. This is the origin of serials of stories that are created by considering the heart-core fans of STAR Plus.

Most of the other language channels will dub its original language to their dialect. It also brings the extraordinary stage shows on to the screen.

This channel has 3,490,848+ subscribers and 1,036,336,210+ views.

6.Sony Music India:

We need not discuss this channel as it is much familiar to each and every individual through its branding. Not only India it has popularity in the worldwide category.

When we think about the music then immediately the striking source is Sony Music India. It produces all latest albums and blockbusters. We can find 5,598,850+ views and 3,326,609,137+ views.


It is the only channel that collects the music albums of hits and trending trailers of Bollywood movies. It attained 4,984,767+ subscribers and 3,501,269,640+ views.

8.BB Ki Vines:

It is the only channel that has attained huge popularity with in short period of time and made huge number of fans for Bhuvan Bam’s hilarious expressions and satirical dialogues which seems to be parody of lively happening things. This channel got 2,993,068+ subscribers and 400,176,844+ views.

9.Zee Music Company:

It is the library of Bollywood songs where we fetch any song that is not available on any other channel. This channel has 5,834,702+ subscribers and 4,028,455,163+ views.

10.Colors TV:

This has raised the computational spirit in another channel with its ultimate family dramas and shows that clutched audience, especially from ladies. It got 5,906,161+ subscribers and 3,571,424,161+ views.


These are the most popular YouTube channels in Bollywood that have created craze in audience.

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