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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Video Direct

Amazon Video Direct

Amazon launched new video services competing with the world popular YouTube. Google shares the advertisement revenue on videos uploaded to YouTube. The more the number of subscribers, the more revenue the YouTube channel gets. Amazon informed that this facility will be available in Video Direct also. Amazon Video Direct is going to give a share to those who upload videos from the revenue they get from Amazon Prime subscribers.

Amazon Video Direct website is similar to YouTube. Anyone can upload their videos to this site. Amazon will give share on revenue of these videos based on some views and advertisements. Amazon is already allowing consumers to access original TV programs, digital entertainment products, original music and Prime videos through Prime Loyalty program. For direct video service, Amazon partnered with various companies. Amazon is also offering video programs with 10.99 dollars per month subscription and video streaming service at 8.99 dollars fee per month.

Amazon Video Direct seems to be another marketing tool of Amazon, experts say, this helps Amazon to engage customers and increase their sales. Sellers on Amazon can create marketing videos and lead the viewers to Amazon. Amazon Video Direct can be accessed on smart televisions, tablets, phones and so on.

What is Amazon Video Direct?

Amazon Video Direct is a video service which allows user generated videos to be uploaded just like YouTube. Unlike YouTube only high definition and closed captioned videos are allowed to be uploaded on AVD. Amazon Prime members can access these videos without ads and are offered to other Amazon customers with ads.

How Amazon Video Direct Works?

Creators who want to use Amazon Video Director for uploading their videos need to sign up for an account. After agreeing to terms and conditions, they can upload their videos. These videos can access the Amazon Video Direct users. The creators can get the share of the sales, rentals, and streams of the video. The video makers will provide with all the data related to video streaming, revenue and they can fully control their uploads, said the company.

YouTube Vs Amazon video Direct

As far as finances are concerned, Amazon video direct is not appealing compared to YouTube. But those who want to upload videos are given flexibility empowerment to decide how and where their stuff streamed. To upload videos on Amazon Video Direct, the users must give their social security number, credit card and the videos are not visible immediately as they do on YouTube or other sites such as Facebook. While YouTube is available for users across the world, Amazon Direct is available to users in Japan, UK, Austria, Germany and US only.

YouTube only wants the users to have a Google account, and no technical knowledge is needed to upload the video. To upload creations to Amazon Video Direct, there is a requirement to have a Prime account, and proof of identity also needs to give. Full credit list and extensive captions for the video are also needed. AVD also allows only professionals and semi-professionals to upload the video content. To upload a video on AVD, users need to be associated with a company.

Amazon Video Direct Stars Program

Based on the views received by the content video, the creators of a video can make bonus revenue in the form of a share from one million dollars and this is in addition to the revenue the video will make.

Can Amazon Video Direct beat YouTube

When Amazon Video Direct has launched a month ago, some said it is going to beat YouTube. But it is not easy to do this as YouTube is here since many years and has large uploaded content.

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