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Tons of Great Content to Watch – Amazon Prime Video App [Review]

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming app that is for people who do not want to keep track of the TV schedules and want more choices. Amazon Prime Video offers thirty day trial. Those interested can try this app for thirty days and if you like it you can go ahead and take the subscription.

Amazon Prime Video App

Amazon Prime Video App is a subscription based streaming service. Pay the subscription and get unlimited streaming movies and television programs in return.

The programs can be watched via internet on various devices such as smart televisions, games consoles, desktop computers, set top boxes, mobile devices etc.

The library of the app is updated and new digital assets are added regularly.

To access Amazon Prime Video, you need to have a compatible device. This app can be accessed on Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic smart televisions, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps$ etc. This is compatible on Android and iPhone/iPad devices.

Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV or the media streamer with which Amazon Prime Video works.

Amazon Prime Video App Original Shows

Any streaming app should have tons of content to watch for the audience to get engaged to it. Like any other streaming app, Amazon Prime Video app also offers tons of movies and television shows.

There is also original content that cannot be found on other streaming services.

Original shows on Amazon Prime Video include The Man in the High Tower, Ripper Street, Black Sails, American Gods, Transparent, Bosch etc. since browsing the library of this service requires no subscriptions search the website to find the original content offered before taking the subscription.

Advantages of Amazon Prime Video App

Amazon Prime Video also offers offline streaming but there are some limitation.

Every program or movie cannot be downloaded to view offline. There is, however, a list of downloadable content.

X-ray is a handy feature of Amazon using which the users can access information about the actors in a scene or background information whenever they like.

Another advantage with this app is that at the price it is offered, you can access the 4K content also which out paying any extra cost.


Therefore, Amazon was packed with huge befits for customers as well as the content providers with its new Amazon Prime membership.

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