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Could you live without watching TV? Of course, you could, if it came down to it. But do you really want to? Probably not. Most of us enjoy our nightly line-up of sitcoms, dramas, news, reality TV or whatever it is that floats our boat. There was a time not long ago when the only way to tune into TV was through a cable box, but that’s not so anymore. These days, there are many ways to watch TV.

If you have a computer, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, you already have everything you need to ditch your cable box in favor of a TV streaming box. With these boxes, you can stream everything you want to watch, from TV to movies, without having to pay for anything new.

You actually have a couple of options for streaming your content:

HD Antenna

Although not strictly a streaming device, an HD antenna is still a viable substitute for a cable box. You will get lots of content based on where you live and the best part is you can watch all you like without having to dread getting a cable bill at the end of the month.

Smart TV or Smart Blu-ray Player

A Smart TV is a TV that can connect to the internet. Through apps that come included with the TV (or those that you download later) you can stream online TV content much like you would watch content on your laptop. If you are looking for a new television, consider this option as it opens up possibilities for your TV watching.

In a similar way, most newer Blu-ray players have the ability to stream video as well. This is a somewhat cumbersome option, but it’s a decent option if you have the Blu-ray player already.

Video Game Console

If you have a newer video game console (such as a Playstation 4) you can use it to stream online video content.

Media Streaming Device

This is what the TV streaming box comes in. This is becoming an increasingly popular option as a way to stream online TV on an existing TV without having to purchase a new Smart TV. Essentially, a media streaming box allows you to watch online content on your TV. Once connected, you can use apps and channels (some are paid subscriptions such as Netflix and others are free, such as YouTube) to watch content just as you would on your computer, on your TV. Common streaming devices include Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Roku.

If you are looking for a new way to watch TV without paying for cable, consider joining the streaming generation and get yourself a TV streaming box.

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