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What is Ad Blocking?

Ad Blocking

When you are seriously watching the online video then suddenly you are disturbed from that moment by playing Ads in the middle. The most disgusting thing for the audience. Sometimes the audience decides to quit in the middle because of those annoying ads. Ad Blocking prevent displaying ads on the working browser.

The only word that revolutionized the entire video ads is “Adblock”. AdBlock became most challenging one for all the advertising brands who are promoting their brands through the immersion of ads in the user watching the video. Well till now we are talking about Adblock but what does it mean? Where is it applicable?

Ad Blocking

This is the advanced feature that is used to block the ads which are playing in a bulk while surfing search engine or any online streaming apps on the web page that is in the mobile, personal computer, tabs or laptops.

This helps in getting the complete resource what we are searching for without being interrupted by the irrelevant ads.

Video Ad Blocking

The blocking of ads that are being played in the videos of social media sites like YouTube and Facebook. The Video ad blocking is the major concern for all the reputed companies who are using the video ad as the main source for making brand promotions.

The video ad blocking can be done in all the web service stores like chrome, safari and opera and it also activated on different operating systems like Android and iOS.

90% of the video advertisers are being suffered by this video ad blocking which diminishes the income through ads.

There are some ads being played though there is an involvement of Adblocks i.e. auto-play ads and pre-roll ads in the social media.

Ad Blocker for Chrome

Everyone is being attached to the Google Chrome to get the required queries. Here we can find the number of ads that are being clumsy in the middle of our search page.

To eliminate this issue the Chrome extensions has been provided with too many “adblockers like Adblock, Adblock Plus, Adblock Plus ProV3, Adblock for YouTube, Superblock Adblocker, uBlock Plus” and much more.

These are showing their best by blocking all types of ads in the chrome either may be irrelevant or sensitive ads.

This adblocker can be activated just only by hitting the ‘add to Chrome’ option in the Chrome extension.

Ad Blocker for Safari

There are so many Adblockers are available for the Apple users of Safari i.e. Adblock, Adblock Plus, Ka-Block, Nothird party, Wipr and Roadblock etc.

This gives privacy of being away from the internally accessing third parties while browsing on the Safari.

These adblockers will stop all the ads playing in the apps of Safari. This can be triggered through the ‘content blockers’ of safari.

Ad Blocker for Firefox

We can turn on the adblocker of the Firefox through the Add-ons just by hitting the install.

Whenever we want to visit the ads then we can pause the adblocker then again we can turn to unpause.

The list of adblockers for Firefox is Adblocker ultimate, Adblock Plus, Adblock for Firefox, Adguard adblocker, Adblocker Lite and so on.

These will block ads on the online services available on the Firefox and we can find the count of ads blocked.

Ad Blocker for Opera

Opera has the special feature Adblock Addons where we can find plenty of adblockers which are giving efficient results by blocking the ads internally tends to provide free environment for the Opera web users.

Adblocker Grooveshark, Adblock Plus, Adblock Lite and Adblock are available ad blockers on Opera.

Ad Blocker for Android

Most of the Android mobile users are being affected by the playing of irrelevant and continuous ads while watching videos.

If we have Wi-Fi means no problem if not and using mobile data then it could be difficult to watch the video containing unwanted ads which might eat the data.

To vanish that problems Android has been equipped with some ad blocking apps like Anti-adware, Adblocker browser, Free adblocker browser, Adblock browser for Android, Adguard etc.

These can act as a barrier to stop the ads that are entering into your browser. Moreover, these can stop ads while playing games on mobile.

Ad Blocker for iOS

Nowadays everyone is passionate about using the Apple product which has been using the iOS as the leading platform for all devices from Apple.

When the users want to have good experience of watching videos or browsing on iOS then immediately they upset with the ads displaying in the browser.

To erase this problem we can use many ad blockers i.e. Adblock mobile, Adblock, Adblock for mobile, BlockBear, Focus, Block ads and Adguard which can be accessed at no cost.

YouTube Ad Blocker

This is the most wanted ad blocker as YouTube is the most commonly used video streaming app. We need not use special ad blockers for YouTube to block the ads.

As YouTube is the primarily available app in the all above discussed web-services provided by the search engines with the operating systems Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

Hence we can go up with the list of above-mentioned ad blockers and they can automatically block the ads in the YouTube.

Facebook Ad Blocker

If you are a frequent user of Facebook and being attack by too many bugs of Ads makes you feel bad. Facebook Ad Block can avoid by using the Adblockers on chrome, firefox or opera through which the Facebook is browsing. They undoubtedly block the ads appear on the Facebook.

Adblock vs Adblock Plus

These two are mostly required ad blockers for online surfing users. It is typical to define which is having higher priority as they both are showing similar performances.

We can find these both on major streaming web browsers in the top place.


It has arrived with the hard work individual developer.

When multiple tabs are accessed on the chrome it can slow the browsing speed.

The facility of ‘subscribe to filter list’ are provided for the users to block all the ads.

We can easily install this Adblock in our browser.

Adblock Plus:

Adblock Plus has designed by the group which can be accessed freely.

The add-ons or extension stores will provide this ABP service.

By making subscriptions on filter list the web users can stop the ads.

It gives choice for the users to block required ads excluding the ‘white listed domains’.

This shows the number of ads blocked.

Statistics of Adblocker:

  • Almost 615 million of devices are in the use of adblocker.
  • There is a hold of 236 million through desktop Adblock.
  • Nearly 11% of the online users are blocking the ads globally.
  • We can find the hit of 380 million mobile adblocks.
  • The most trending and using concept is adblocker at present.


Now you might get a clear picture of Ad blocking and how it is playing a vital role in blocking the ads that are not intended for the online web users. If you are also struggling with the issue of ads just install those ad blockers.

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