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40 Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

youtube keyboard

There are more than 300 million hours of video content was posted everyday on YouTube platform. Here are some 40 useful keyboard shortcuts on YouTube you may don’t know about.

1. Space for play and pause

2. Left arrow to go back five seconds of video play.

3. Right, arrow to forward five seconds of video play.

4. Upward arrow is for increasing the volume

5. Down arrow for decreasing volume.

6. Letter ‘F’ for full screen

7. Esc for exiting full screen

8. Press Tab to select quality

9. Press Home to start back the video.

10. Press End takes you to the end of video content.

11. Letter ‘k’ pauses the video.

12. Letter ‘J ‘skip the video ahead.

13. Letter ‘l’ for go back.

14. Letter ‘L’ skips for 10 seconds ahead.

15. Letter ‘J’ goes back.

16. Press number 5 key to jump to middle point of video

17. Number 5 takes you 50% of the video.

18. Number 2 means 20%

19. 3 for 30 percent of the video.

20. 0 key takes you to the 0% means start point.

21. Letter ‘M’ mutes the video.

22. Press letter ‘f’ to exit or enter full-screen mode.

23. Just press letter ‘C’ to enable and disable the closed captioning of the YouTube video.

24. Shift+N to go for next video

25. Press number 4 to go to 40 percent video duration

26. Press number 6 for sixty percent video duration.

27. Press number 7 for 70 percent video duration.

28. Press 8 for 80 percent video duration.

29. Press 9 for 90 percent video duration.

30. Shift + P takes you to previous video playlist.

31. Press ”/” symbol to focus on text box for search.

32. Press question mark to get hotkeys help window.

33. CTRL+back arrow will let you go back five seconds of video.

34. CTRL+forward arrow goes forward the video content.

35. ALT+home will restart the video content.

36. Delete button for a replay of the previous video.

37. Press symbol + to increase CC font size.

38. Press symbol – to decrease the CC font size.

39. Less than symbol < for lower the playback speed

40. > greater than a symbol for increasing the speed.

All these above are the shortcuts that can be used on Youtube platform for better navigation as well as to improve the usage speed with shortcuts. Be more professional using these keyboard shortcuts.

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