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10 Legal Measures while doing a Live Streaming

Live Streaming

The live video offers many advantages that include fun, easy and entertaining. Live video is also is not planned, not expected and many times it can be legal problems.

Is live streaming a new technology? No, it is not, live video used for many years, and it can be accessed using the Periscope and other apps.

There are many possibilities with live video and anyone who has a mobile device can broadcast any event anytime from anywhere. There is an equal number of risks in live streaming some content. How to know what can be live broadcasted and to avoid any legal problems?

Here are few tips.

  1. Live to stream from own properly is less risky than from public property.
  2. If live streaming plan from the location of others, do not neglect to take written permission from the property owner to avoid any problems later on.
  3. Live streaming from places such as bathrooms or offices of individuals should be avoided. People expect some privacy in such places. It is also illegal to capture the images of intimate parts of some individual without their consent.
  4. While live streaming, check what will be visible to the audience on the screen. The area and the surroundings should be clear of any possible risks that cannot manage easily.
  5. Take care that the live streaming not done from high traffic areas. People walk through and might say things that are not suitable to broadcast to the audience. Moreover, you may be invading the privacy of people when they are moving on the roads which may not be comfortable with others.
  6. To avoid copyright conflicts, do not show screens that show movies, sports events, other live events or television shows. Legal problems may arise if any content on which some individual has copyright such as songs streamed.
  7. Do not show any product in a bad light. Do not claim any relation between your company and brand. However, you can show the brand name or logo in your live stream but do not claim any right to them. Do not pass negative remarks or give negative feedback to the audience about the brand.
  8. Take a signed release form from someone whom you want to show in the streaming video, and this is even more important when that person is popular. However, people have no right to privacy when they are public places such as concerts or sports events. Here anyone can take a photograph or record the images and shots of the people attending the event.
  9. Keep a backup location on which you have more control.
  10. There are no tips that fully protect you room potential hazards, but the well planned live stream will be better than a spontaneous stream. If the live streaming used for commercial purpose, sign the individual that is going to be interviewed and will show prominently.

With apps such as Periscope becoming popular and even Facebook entered the live streaming, many legal issues are also raising in the copyright infringement and privacy areas. Remember to use common sense to determine whether the live video is violating any copyright laws. If the audience is paying to view the content, it is protected by copyright.

Remember the above information and follow them to stay safe and avoid any risk while broadcasting live video using online apps. Live streaming is here to stay and be smart in using this technology. Simply remember not to broadcast content that is not your own and avoid invading the privacy of others.

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