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10 Best Skills to Look for While Hiring a Team for Your YouTube Channel

Hiring a Team for Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine in terms of popularity (immediately after Google). It is offering different information on subjects like education, entertainment, information and is also helping the marketers to promote his products and also an image of his company. YouTube is a platform that is offering an option to promote through the placement of videos (content) about the product. YouTube makes it necessary for the marketer to ensure that proper video is placed in his channel.

Here comes the list of skills that the marketer has to find out before finalising his team for creating and managing the YouTube Channel. In general, the YouTube channel consists of many positions and the marketer need to have good knowledge about all these aspects to ensure success for his marketing mix strategy.

1) Scriptwriter:

He is the first person to start the project. He has to be thorough with the whole project so that he is able to ‘pen’ all the ideologies in required sequence with necessary supporting arrangements.

2) Videographer:

He is the person to handle the camera to shoot the content. Videographer needs to experience and also should have the complete knowledge about the product and the company that he is working. He needs to have beforehand information about the content, the script, the promotion plan.

3) Video optimizer:

Most of the times, it is a software/tool that improves consumer viewing experience. It has multiple functions like reducing video start time, re-buffering events with the ultimate aim of reducing the amount of network bandwidth used by the viewers.

4) Video editor:

Is mostly a technically inclined individual responsible for selection/combining of shots into sequence and also adding required background audio effects. He is mostly useful in post production stage of the video.

5) Graphic designer:

Plain video may not create the required interest in the viewer and adding required graphics will multiply his interest in the content. Here comes the role of graphic designer can be individual or software.

6) Video marketer:

comes into picture once the video is ready. Now that there are multiple channels offering multiple and combo options for the promotion of channel, the marketer has to do thorough research and finalize the video marketer.

7) Response monitors:

Once the channel is promoted, it becomes essential for the marketer to monitor the performance (in terms of viewers and their response) and also a monitoring system to record and analyze the performance.

8) Content curators:

Once the content is ready, the same needs to be curated. The curation includes and involves updating the information as per the requirements of the viewers and also change the content. This portfolio can be outsourced as there are numbers of professional content curators available who can render better service to the marketer in this regard.

9) Influence marketing:

Once the video is ready, there have to be certain influence marketers who can provide ‘influence marketing’ and this will definitely promote the video and also the channel. Persons having experience in related field will be more suitable as influence marketers.

10) Celebrity endorsements:

Another important aspect that the marketer cannot overlook is celebrity endorsements. There is always a group of celebrities who can promote any product. Based on the face value of the celebrity, the video can go viral.

As promotion and maintenance of YouTube video channel is a team work, the marketer is required to coordinate with all the stakeholders to ensure that his spending is resulting in good returns and he is able to accomplish his objective of promotion of product and image of his company.

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