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Video Recording Tools: Best Screen Recording Softwares

Video Recording Tools

Videos are the excellent tools for the marketing and to showcase your products to the Audience. Videos reveal your every moment of your lifestyle to your friends and family. Screencasting the videos gives your abilities to the users in playing games, record it and share it on media sources.

Screen Recorders are handy tools used to record the screen of a computer. By taking screenshots on your computer quickly, you can record the screen or record life’s best moments with a camera. These tools can provide live-capture enhancements, post-capture video editing options and more.

Icecream Screen Recording

Icecream Screen can record the entire screen of the computer and the particular part of the screen Recording. You can shoot webinar, record video call or conferences by using this software. It allows audio recording along with the video.

Ezvid Video Maker

Ezvid Video makers are best screen recording software mostly used for desktops or PC. You can add keywords, metadata, titles, and Descriptions of the recorded videos. With the capturing, it will enable creating slideshows.

Atomic ActivePresenter

Atomic ActivePresenter is a powerful software with superb video quality that can capture all or part of your computer screen. Atomic Active Presenter allows users to add annotations and transitions effects to the videos. The transition effects used including photo slides and more effects. It provides a vast collection of post-recording video editing options.


Screenpresso captures your desktop and records to create HD videos. It’s one of the best premium screen recorders which can offer quick access to the previously recorded screenshots and recordings.

Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorded is best for the gaming, screen recording and video recording software. It provides various modes for each type of records like for gaming game recording mode, device recording modes, screen recording mode and video recording modes for different devices.

Also offers live drawing while recording. It allows adding mouse clicks effects or animations while recording screen.


Tiny Take software is one of the screen recording software which captures your screen activity, does annotations or editing work and shares on social media platforms.

TinyTake advertises free, and feature-rich, though many features are only available with the paid options. It can add graphics from your local drive for annotating files.


SmartPixel is to design for use with games, to create high-quality videos using the advanced Video Compression Technologies. Video Compression Technologies can improve the space utilization on disks. It has post-editing functions include clipping, merging, dubbing, and adding subtitles.

Screenflow by Telestream

Screenflow software can capture your computer screen, webcam, audio from the microphone and everything included in your monitor at a time. Editings can do, once the recording is finished and can export in a wide variety of file types for publishing.


Screencast-O-Matic have the option to upload your videos to’s free server host. It makes a recording of both screen and webcam. It has limited options for publication with a free version.

iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam comes with some necessary video editing tools and functions including features like adding some audio effects, deleting the background noise and delete fragments of video. The recorded videos saved in WMV format, and you can directly upload to YouTube using WMV file format. We should record voice using mouse, microphone or system and keep on your system to synchronize with the videos recording.


Camtasia suit can captures or records your activity on your computer as a professional videos formats with minimal effort in the form of multiple audio and video records. It has Google drive integration. Camtasia has free video editing app for mobile devices.


CamStudio is to create AVI videos of all audio and video activity on your screen. It can add screen captions to your video. Also records picture-in-picture webcam simultaneously with screen recording.


Copernicus focuses heavily on making quick and speedy films by recording the video to your RAM for faster access.

Jing is one type of screen capturing tool, with gives the user-friendly interface to capture the images, drag and drop and records your monitor activity. Once the recording or capturing the image finished, you can directly upload on hosting sites or edit and share.


These all are the useful tools that used for video recording in making screenshots. By adding professional- Looking video to your blog post is used to help the growth of viewer’s engagement. These are the free version and very affordable of free screen recording.

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