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Top 10 Free Video Players for Your Websites

Top 10 Free Video Players

A video player for any website should be selected based on what is the nature of your video, what do you expect to get from the video player, how the video will be encoded and what is the budget. There are many free video players available online and these can be embedded on the website to play the videos.

1. Flowplayer is an open source free video player. This can be used to embed video streams on the web pages.

2. Anarchy Media Player is simple to use for publishing audiovisual content to the website.

3. Video LightBox is another video player that comes for free. It can be used for non-commercial use. However, to use it for commercial purpose, you need to take the license.

4. SS4UPlayer is a flexible video player that can be customized completely to suit the website.

5. JW Player is a flash video player that supports any format playback. The look of the player can be changed to match with the website.

6. VISCOM web player is a video player for websites. Single or multiple videos can be added to the website.

7. GDD FlyPlayer another freeware to play the video on websites. No programming skills are required to use this and it is totally free.

8. Video Player Pro is another flash video player that can be added to the website easily. No flash programming is needed and it comes with different versions and can be chosen to suit the needs.

9. MC Media Player is a Flash-based media player. MC classic and MC Altair versions are available.

10. Sublime Video is a free HTML5 player that can be used to embed videos on web pages, websites or blogs.

Choose the best video players that will perform all the functions you require. They should perform the tasks such as playback, volume controls, full-screen display, play/pause etc.

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