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The Future Of Media Buying: YouTube Versus Traditional TV

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We all know how YouTube has captured the million hearts of audience globally. It has become the brand ambassador for online video streaming. The audience is much excited to find any video relating to studies, sports, news, celebrities, and cooking, etc. We will find YouTube Versus Traditional TV.

YouTube is feeding the audience at its best of providing pin to pin information through video content which can be easily grasped by the audience. Hence it is the only source for the brands to elevate their brand at the real-time audience.

While comparing with Television advertising, YouTube advertising shows more effect on the audience to become customers. Moreover, the advertisers should spend more dollars to launch ad campaigns on Television while comparing to YouTube.

The future of Television advertising report:

The change in viewer behavior is letting the long run brands to reach online digital marketing platforms like YouTube than television.

Here is the analysis of what factors are going to disrupt the Tv advertising market.

  • Now, most of the viewers are preferring OTT (Over The Top) video content through which they can stream a number of channels.
  • The Linear TV has less scope to get the audience attention as it is streaming limited scheduled programs and movies.
  • As the audience is more intended to watch native video content that enabling the advertisers to create real-time video content. Which is available with market price and algorithmic.
  • The fragmentation of marketing spend occurs over digital media and other platforms.
  • The neutral estimation of all digital media formats.
  • It is expected that $14 to 25 billion per year is going away from linear Television advertising to online digital platforms in the coming five years.

YouTube is stepping to the popularity of streaming Television

The YouTube premium is the best example to say that YouTube is blocking the attention of the audience in all possible.

The YouTube Premium is the paid online video streaming service where they generate original video content which seems to be a paid TV service.

Through this premium membership, the viewers can watch the YouTube video content on smartphones, tablets, laptops and even on their TV.

At the same time, YouTube is facing the tough competition from the other trending online video streaming providers like Netflix, Amazon, Direct TV, Sling TV, and Hulu as they are providing the online TV services with their content.

Though it is having that much of competition from the opponents, it is on its victory by suppressing those service providers along with Television.

Most of the experts stated that the low costs to video streaming and advertising leads YouTube to hold the million hearts of the audience. This directs the viewer to skip the linear TV.

If you see that most of the Television channels are leaning on YouTube to promote their promos and even launching their shows on YouTube.

The cut-off pricing and huge video generation are leading YouTube to stand out on Television streaming.

Eradicating technical difficulties has become an advantage to YouTube

The advantage for YouTube to gain video marketing is that it tackles technical issues where most of the TV streaming services face. If you take any the cable service, they always used to break up which leads to stopping the streaming.

Direct demand for video streaming

It is the most significant one that all consumers need. That means here the users will pay for a monthly subscription and if the audience wants to cancel the subscription, they can do it immediately.

The newly added benefit is that the audience can enjoy the one month free subscription as the trial to watch the original content on YouTube premium.


These are the reasons where we can say that YouTube is completely moving traditional TV consumers towards it. But one thing we can say is that the Television commercial is entirely basing on YouTube to reach the real-time audience. The simple example of this is the political campaigns were used to watch on TVs, but now it is turning to YouTube.

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