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Live Streaming Video: The Ultimate Guide

Live Streaming Video

Do you want to blow your business branding by giving forcible challenges to competitors using Live Streaming Video 2019?

Don’t you find better ways to reach your customers?

Why don’t you try live video streaming strategy to work out well?

How it’s going to be in the future?

To find an answer for each query at one place just go through below.

Live Streaming Video 2019

Now everything goes live. It may be music, sports, news, events or anything. All will prefer to go ahead of watching live content beyond the old monotonous videos. Hence, it became the tactic for the business to easily reach the customers by exploring the brand at their step.

Obviously gaming and live streaming are proportional to each other. As one is not there, then there is no life for another one.
Is it right? Of course, it is.

Later the live streaming has become viral on the social media platforms to broadcast everything live as we discussed above.

Why should we waste our valuable time and resources to merge the regular routines?

Just peel off the old wrinkled video content by bringing to the world of live streaming that can gain unexpected traffic never seen before.

In 2019, there might be much competition in the marketing world than compared to the previous era.

Most of the marketers might spend megabucks to drain more engagement through a huge number of audiences.

It is the main aim to discuss the live video streaming that is going to be the trending category for marketers and advertisers.

By 2020 it is going to panic the all marketers by building the overwhelming challenges between the competitors.

YouTube, Facebook, Mobile, Virtual Reality, and influencers are going to play a vital role in the live streaming pallet of the global market where you need to concentrate more.

YouTube and Facebook Live Streaming Video 2019


1+ billion hours of video has been watched by the YouTube audience per day.

Is it ordinary thing? Not yet all.

YouTube is the video hulk from which the word entertainment has been filled. Hence, it became the second search engine after Google. Including all these live streaming is the most intended term for all. All the vloggers and marketers prefer YouTube as the primary source to promote their brand by launching live video campaigns.

The users of the YouTube per day are 30 million.

Almost 6 out of 10 users on YouTube pick the live video.

More than 40 minutes videos have been watched on YouTube only through mobile.

Live video on YouTube acquires more engagement, shares, and comments than regular videos.


The giant hub for communication in the world is Facebook. The feature of Facebook live video streaming has expanded its reputation. It has become the marketing medium by establishing the strong relationship between the customers and brands.

It has already proven that live is the simple bridge to get in touch with the followers that stimulates to become customers.

Facebook is more concentrating on delivering the live video content from anywhere. The live video appears in the newsfeed by notifying the followers.

The viewers watch the live videos on Facebook 3x more than standard videos.

By keeping that mind, Facebook has completely taken an advanced step to be in the world of live video by paying millions to celebrities and publishers.

In the year 2016, the live video on Facebook has grown from 44% to 300% especially from media companies.

More engagement of users can be found by making comments 10x more than regular videos.

At present from the bulk of Facebook videos, every 5 are live videos.

Facebook Watch is the viral feature to watch Facebook live video on all devices.

All these present facts of YouTube and Facebook will show the impact of live video and how it is going to blow the history of social media marketing in the coming era can be predicted.

Live Streaming in Influencer Marketing

Reaching the customers in real time will impact more than others ways. But we wouldn’t find any time to visit each step of the customers. Then live streaming the tactic that works for sure and the real-time communication through video can be made to better understand the products or services by using social media platforms like Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube, etc.

Clarifying the queries:

Most of the customers might be excited to know more about the products or services before buying in the market.

While broadcasting the live videos then it could be easy for them to rectify their queries from the comments section.

When the marketer responds to the customer comments, then it can build the healthy relationship between the customers and brand.

Event promotions:

Marketers can promote the event that is taking place as live to disclose the products or services.

During the promotion, the audience can be notified to share it with their friends and relatives. It can make your brand to tune everywhere.

An intelligent marketer always thinks to sketch the budget to launch the unbeatable campaign with high rate conversions by improving the ROI.

Mobile Live Streaming Video 2019

The present hot topic for all the marketers and advertisers is mobile from the where we can find the 50% of the online traffic. The live streaming of events and music are going viral through mobile.

20% of mobile users stream live video content either from YouTube, Amazon or Hulu, etc.

Most of the mobile consumers choose to download the live streaming apps to watch live videos.

Most of the advertisers are making amendments to launch the advanced mobile apps, especially for live streaming.

Virtual Reality Live Streaming Video 2019

Virtual Reality is the long-lasting viral topic in the global market. It has much demand for gaming. But it is also greatly spreading to the other fields along with the live streaming.

Virtual live will give the audiences the real-time experience of being in that world.

All the sports fans have been provided with the viral reality live streaming.

Advertisers are making a step ahead to entirely be in the VR branding through live streaming.

All the social media sites like YouTube and Facebook are in the first row to collect the virtual reality content for live streaming.
In 2019 it’s going to crack the whole digital marketing lane.

Live Streaming Video Trends for 2019

Mobile as the live video streaming source:

As we discussed mobile is the main target for all the trending social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, etc.

4K HD live videos:

4K HD videos are given preferences to have the higher experience of watching.

Live streaming through influencer marketing:

This already discussed fact that how the live streaming in influencer marketing will clutch more audiences.

Virtual Reality live streaming:

The invention of advanced virtual reality headsets to experience the live streaming will be trending.

Replacing Flash video players:

Flash video players are vanished entirely by HTML5 as the HTML5 supports to live stream on mobiles, desktops, laptops, and TVs, etc.

Projection mapping:

The projection mapping which turns the 3D objects to display screens will become the hunting category to have the live streaming.

Live Streaming Video 2019 for B2B and B2C

Live streaming is the latest trend. All most all business brands are into it and more and more are embracing it. Live streaming can be used to the advantage of the business. Live Streaming Ideas helps boost the marketing campaign and engage customers. There are many ways in which Live Streaming Ideas can be used for B2B and B2C marketing campaigns.

Restaurants can use the live streaming technology to gain the attention of the customers. The can show the process of preparation of dishes. Take the customers behind the scenes, take them into your kitchen. Introduce your chefs and cooking masters.

Another idea for restaurants to use the live stream is to interview the customers present in the restaurant and find their favorite dishes. help to give the details of most popular dishes and also give the feedback about the restaurant to the audience who are watching the live streaming.

Live Streaming Video 2019 Ideas for B2B

B2B businesses are using the various live streaming apps to connect with their customers. The companies are integrating live streaming into their marketing campaigns. The live streaming tools are now at the fingerprints of the businesses and this is not limited to big budget companies.

How B2B companies can use live video?

B2B companies can use the live streaming technology to give weekly business tips, take the interview of their employees or provide the audience with expert tips etc. Customers trust the feedback of other customers who already used the service or product. Live stream customer testimonials to build trust and increase conversions. Take the one in one interview with the customers and stream it for prospective customers. Answer all the questions asked by the audience about the product and the service. Clarify all their doubts and build a bond with Live Streaming Video 2019.

How Salon/Spa Can Use Live Streaming?

Every business can use live streaming to improve their sales and engage them with customers. Talk to a beauty expert in live streaming and share the beauty tips with the audience. Live streaming is a great way to show the culture of the organization and its employees. Live video can be used as a free customer’s service tool. Explain about a process and stream before and after it is done. Share the best procedures available in the spa/salon.

Retail industry using live streaming

Retail businesses can center their live stream to show new products launches. It is helpful as most people cannot attend the launching event and there is no great way than live streaming to engage them virtually. Give them tips on how to use the products and ask the customers for feedback about the products that are already on the market. Live streaming of an event can be made interesting and informative for the audience by taking the interview of customers who already used the products of the brand and finding which their favorite one is.

Why not Non-profit organizations use Live Streaming?

There is no limitation to use live streaming and nonprofits can also use it to their advantage. They can live to stream their current activities and build awareness. They can take interviews of people and increase social awareness about various issues. They can also share with the audience about the upcoming activities and campaigns. Talk to socially influential individuals hosting a live interview.

Live Streaming Video 2019 will boost visibility and list of B2C and B2B companies incorporating this into their marketing campaign are expanding. Do not fall behind and adopt this wonderful technology and get all the benefits of it for the business. Stay competitive and surpass the efforts of the competitors.


We think you came to know how the live video streaming is going to play a vital role in the coming years. If you are marketer or advertisers, then it’s the time to think about the strategies that help in better branding through Live Streaming Video 2019.

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