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Zhiyun Crane Camera Handheld Gimbal for DSLR Camera [Review]

Zhiyun is the first handheld three axis Crane gimbal with camera control interface of 360-degree rotation. There are some handheld camera stabilisers for DSLR cameras, but Zhiyun is the unique piece that works some DSLR Cameras, GoPro’s and Cinema cameras like Alexa mini.

Zhiyun is the best Gimbal for mirrorless DSLR cameras, and it can handle up to 1.2 kgs weight. It is at reasonable prices; we can share it as one of the cheapest gimbals when compared to other Gimbals for mirrorless cameras and small DSLR’s.

Best Features of Zhiyun Crane Gimbal:

Zhiyun comes with a nice joystick which helps to adjust the angles, the 3 axis can allow users to rotate up to 360 degrees that used to adjust angles at speed.

The gimbal features with encoded motors, brushes, controlled button with three operation modes such as Locking Mode, Pan and tilt Mode, Pan and Follow mode.

Zhiyun has a free Zhiyun app to download your smartphones, where you can operate the gimbal easily with your smartphone. You can download for both iOS and Android Mobile apps.

It comes with built in wireless control over the Gimbal, you can control through WiFi and remote control connecting with app.

Zhiyun crane already comes with 2 sets of batteries that can last for up to 3-6 hours of backup. If you are planning for a long time no need to worry because it is designed to adapt for big size batteries also. Remove the plastic shield and add the big battery.

Zhiyun Crane Gimbal package included with 26500 Li-ion batteries x 2 and Charger, Micro USB Cable, lens mounting Clamp, User manual, Gimbal Stabilizer and Lens mounting screws x 2.

It gives best work efficiency to the Photographers and filmmakers to support in real time work by solving the rotating angle problems. Automotive grade motors, encoders attached to the motors and it can sense 0.02 intervals.

It includes a powerful Microcontroller unit which is very useful for advanced algorithms, it is simple and tool less camera mounting which can save time and effort.


Zhiyun is a best Gimbal stabilizer for Mirrorless Cameras and small DSLR cameras. This above is a Complete guide to the Zhiyun Crane Camera Handheld Gimbal for DSLR Camera make use of this guide before going to buy the product.

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