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YouTube’s Hidden Secret Features

YouTube is the wonderful platform which helps the individual creators and many other users with an opportunity to reach the people with their talent and creative inclination where no other platform does like YouTube do. So, many users love to watch the videos all the time and majority of viewers are also accessing the YouTube content via YouTube application too.

So, YouTube has become the most powerful, interesting, innovative and interactive platform for the users. This made the people to get curious about everything that were related to the YouTube platform and especially the hidden features of the YouTube platform. Here are some hidden features you may don’t know about the YouTube platform.


YouTube channel provides the better linking to its users. Whenever the user right clicked the video and selected the “Copy video URL at current time” then if some other person clicked the URL then it can be accessed from that specific point.

The Play and Pause

Of course many of us already known about this feature but it was hidden. Yes, the users can click on to the spacebar to pause or play the YouTube video.

Rewinding or Fast Forwarding the Video

To rewind the video just simply click on to the right key arrow without using the mouse.

Shortcut for Watching Later

If you want to watch the video later then click on to the clock symbol on the player which saves the video and helps you to get access the saved one in watch later list.

Disabling the Content

The users can see related videos and we can disable them by adding the code “? Rel=0” to the end of URL.

For Repetition

If you need to repeat the favorite music list just add the word “Repeater” to your URL.


Everybody use YouTube, but some people don’t know the complete features of YouTube. The above article gives you the complete hidden secrete features of YouTube.

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