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How Much do YouTubers Make? – A YouTuber’s Ultimate Guide

YouTuber's Ultimate Guide

Nowadays everyone is being in the video world YouTube either to watch or upload videos. YouTube has proved that the art of entertainment will be the source of income from the place where we are. Here is the YouTuber’s Ultimate Guide.

But most of the audience might have the strong doubt on how much the YouTuber will get through YouTube channel.

YouTuber’s Ultimate Guide:

This is going to be a big question mark in everyone’s mind. Before going to know that we should know the process to gain money from YouTube videos.

YouTube Monetization:

This is the initial step that you need to know before going through the further process. Involvement of monetization will brings permission from YouTube to use ads in your videos of YouTube channel. That means you are partnering with the YouTube to share the ad revenue.

Go to the profile photo of your YouTube account which appears on the top right corner.

Now click on creator studio which directs you to the page view channel which appears on your channel name.

Then the left side finds out the option channel.

Now hit on the channel where you can find status and features this will lead you to the uploading, video editor and monetization etc.

Tap the enable option of monetization which takes you start the sign up by reading the terms and conditions.

Then you can view the $ symbol at the eligible videos of the upload label.

The videos which are not qualified for uploading will be notified the copyright notices icon.

YouTube AdSense:

After completion of it just need to get the AdSense account which can be approved by YouTube to get money for the uploaded videos by placing ads.

This needs a verification of mail id including the details of bank account or PayPal to transfer the money.

Once the account has been permitted then you be notified through email.

Who is fit to earn money through YouTube videos?

Anyone can participate in it but the channel with at least 10,000 views will be given priority to be in YouTube partner program.

Consideration Policies by YouTube:

After reaching 10,000 audiences the YouTube will examine the channel once again by checking whether the channel is reaching the YouTube terms and conditions, partner participation policies and guidelines of the community or not.

The status of it will be informed through email.

Ways to earn money through YouTube:

Crowdfunding campaigns:

The fans will generate money which will be helpful for the further development of your channel when you are establishing campaigns.

Collaborating with brands:

The top most companies will always on the search of related channels to make promotions about their services or products.


Selling products to your fans will be the best way to earn money by building a path for exploring your brand.

Types of ads that you should consider to make money from YouTube:

Preroll of Ads:

These ads will be played before the actual video starts playing because of these ads the YouTube definitely will pay the money.

Non-skippable ads:

By using this format the users can’t jump to the main video and they should watch it.

Bumper ad:

This is also featured with the non-skipping format that the audience must watch it before viewing the main video. This is mainly applicable while watching videos on mobile.

YouTube considerations for the payment:

When the ad in the video is watched at least 30 seconds then you will be paid that ad and if it skipped before 30 seconds it will not be considered for the payment.

The maximum cost per view that can be the bid for the video to run the ad is $0.06 to $0.54

Cost per view, Cost per 1000 views and Cost per 1 million views that YouTube pays:

The cost per view will be varied depending on the category like entertainment, news, sports, music and gaming etc. you choose, this might vary between the countries and the length of the ad you play as well.

By gathering information from others provided we came to know that on an average YouTube pays the cost per view for the creators who are being in the monetization partnering program.

Some are addressed that we can make only 33 cents to $2.75 for every 1000 views after cutting 45% by the YouTube with the charge of 60 cents to $5.
The only 55% will pay to the creator.

Some are displaying that it plays $1 per 25 views for example if we consider this point then we might get $0.04 per picture of the video ad.
Sure people notified us that it pays $2,000 for one million views.

As I mentioned before that it varies according to certain things. Hence, the YouTube pays differently for everyone.


This article might help to know the complete details of how to get money from YouTube and How much does a YouTuber will paid through his YouTube channel. When you are launching YouTube channel especially to gain the money just go through this.

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