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How To Use YouTube Videos For Lead Generation


What is the most powerful tool to build your brand online?

Every one of us knows the answer. It is the video. Using videos, you can convey the message. The video is a most engaging form of content. Studies proved that video content is more likely to be viewed and shared. It is also one of the best ways to use for lead generation. There are many channels for distribution of videos online and some of these are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. But among these YouTube is the more powerful channel as it reaches the right audience and increases conversions.

Why is YouTube powerful?

YouTube is one of the popular search engines in the world. The number of daily visitors is more than thirty million. It is said that more than three billion minutes of videos are watched on YouTube per month.

How to generate leads using YouTube?

Most important thing to do to generate leads using YouTube is to optimize the videos for YouTube search engine. Another important thing is to use the right keywords. Make sure that video quality you are creating is of high quality. High definition videos can be created without spending much on production. Even a phone camera can be used to create professional looking videos. Apart from good camera and lighting, editing the video Is also important to make the videos look professional.

Optimize the YouTube video content for SEO. Use the right keywords in your title. Use the right meta tags as the helps the viewers to find the videos. Use YouTube cards to interact with the viewers. Keep your video content on YouTube branded by uploading your logo to the video.

Tips to use YouTube for Lead Generation

• The content of videos should be selected based on the marketing strategy. Decide the aim of the videos. it could be to get views, subscribers, embed on the website, drive traffic to the website, etc.

• Create a great title for the video. The title must be attractive and should grab the attention of the viewers. They should be relevant to what the user is searching for.

• Adding subscribe buttons to the videos is essential. Use annotations properly. These are the pop-up boxes that can be used to link to landing pages or request people to subscribe to the channel or watch the playlist etc.

• Do not neglect to add a call to action to the videos. It should be at the end of the video because a person who watched the video until the end is more likely to follow the call to action due to the high levels of engagement.

• Call to action can be in many forms. Annotations can be used for this purpose, call to actions can be verbal also. Write the call to action as a full-screen image at the end of the video.

• Make sure that the video content you are using is not repeated.

• Give your contact information in the videos. Embed the URLs of your contact information in the video. It helps the viewers to reach you and turn them into leads.

• Autoplay should always be turned on to make the video start playing immediately.

• Having transcriptions for closed captions will also help to increase the lead generation.

YouTube is undoubtedly the powerful platform for lead generation. Let your strategy helps you harness the power to increase the number of leads. Best results can be delivered by creating, monitoring and assessing the YouTube video consent. Positive leads can be generated by choosing the right content, branding and presenting it well.

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