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Essential Tips to Consider Before Publishing a YouTube Video

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Try to include keywords that you think users will be searching for in your category. There’s no point calling your video something that, while relevant, is incredibly long or complicated, as users will likely never find it! You should also check that the language you use is the type of language your user is going to be searching. For instance, you might use language that an expert would understand but a normal user/customer might not. here are the essential tips Essential Tips to Consider Before Publishing a YouTube Video.

Whether you are a big or small company, I’d suggest dropping your brand name from your video. Why? If you’re a big brand, the likelihood is that users know your brand name, so they don’t need it in the title. If you’re a small company, chances are a user won’t be searching for you by name. Stick your brand name in your description and tags, and use the free characters to make your title even more eye-catching.

Include various contact methods as you want viewers to use to get in touch and visit your website. Most importantly, you should include your website address, email, phone number and any other social media channels you have.

Include well-written copy that is informative, engaging and entertaining. It should also be unique. Don’t just paste in generic product information; write unique copy and link the user to the product page where they can find the item specifics. Remember, you want users to click through to your website so don’t just copy and paste your website content into YouTube, or Google will see less reason to rank your site as the information is now available on YouTube.

Within YouTube you can add annotations/notes etc. into your video that can link to other videos, your channel, your Google+ account and other locations. While these can be useful in keeping your user on your channel, you want to avoid using too many, or you risk diluting the user’s viewing experience. You can also add captions if they are relevant.

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