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YouTube Video Optimization

by Jag

Video optimization refers to a set of technologies used by mobile service providers to improve consumer viewing experience by reducing video start times or re-buffering events. The process also aims to reduce the amount of network bandwidth consumed by video sessions

While optimization technology can be applied to videos played on a variety of media-consuming devices, the costliness of mobile streaming and increase in mobile video viewers has created a very high demand for optimization solutions among mobile service providers.

When streaming over-the-top (OTT) content and video on demand, systems do not typically recognize the specific size, type, and viewing rate of the video being streamed. Video sessions, regardless of the rate of views, are each granted the same amount of bandwidth. This bottlenecking of content results in longer buffering time and poor viewing quality. Some solutions, such as Sky fire’s Rocket Optimizer, attempt to resolve this issue by using cloud-based solutions to adapt and optimize over-the-top content.

Optimizing Your Channel

  • YouTube has a sophisticated internal search algorithm, so participants can rank for specific keywords or phrases just like they would within a regular search engine. It means there are things you can do to optimize your videos within YouTube.
  • Writing Channel Metadata: The metadata for your channel is very similar to the metadata that you write for your videos, as you’re able to optimize the description and tags related to the channel, as well as the actual name for your channel. Channel metadata optimization certainly plays a part when it comes to getting your channel out there and enticing potential viewers into becoming subscribers.
  • Channel Name: Now, this is the real difference from video metadata, with this being the title of your channel across the website. There are plenty of YouTube channels out there that use a culmination of branding and keyword targeting here, considering that this title will be shown in searches. It also gives people who aren’t aware of your content an idea of what your channel is based around, so it’s probably the best course of actionCreate a Channel DesignWhen it comes to creating a channel, making sure that you have an aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching design is certainly of grand importance. If your channel art is well designed, it’ll add a great deal of value to your channel. Your channel design/art can be split into two areas: your channel icon and channel header.
  • The former is the avatar sized art that accompanies your channel’s name throughout YouTube; in areas such as the related channels section, the subscription box and In Video Programming, and it’s also displayed on your channel header image. The latter is the channel header. This is the image that is displayed at the top of the page on your actual channel. With YouTube changing their design this year to “YouTube One,” your header will have to adhere to several different dimensions, as it will be seen on televisions, desktops, tablets, and mobiles. YouTube has provided a guide for the dimensions that should be used
  • Channel Trailer One of the features that were introduced to YouTube during their transition to “YouTube One” is the addition of a channel trailer. This will be shown to those who aren’t subscribed to your channel, giving you a chance to showcase what your channel/brand is about, and what these people perusing your page can come to expect, possibly converting them into subscribers and followers of your brand/presence.
  • In Video Programming Another feature brought into the fold not too long ago is In Video Programming. This allows you to promote your channel and your content throughout your entire backlog of videos with ease. This feature promotes your channel by giving you the ability to add a watermark over all of your videos that link to your channel directly. To promote content, you can add your latest content to appear in all other videos at a point of your choosing.