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10 Advanced Strategies to Getting More YouTube Video Feedbacks and Comments

YouTube Video Feedbacks and Comments

Newton’s 3rd law of motion:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Once you as a marketer are publishing your video on YouTube, you are supposed to expect (and there is equally available) response from the viewers. This response can be either positive or negative. The majority of the response can be in the form of feedback and comments. Other reactions will be like, share, subscribe etc.

Now that you are already able to publish your videos on your YouTube Channel, you are expecting the feedbacks/comments. Given below are some of the strategies that can be used to achieve this objective.

1) Blogging is the best method to get feedback. Once you upload your video, you can create a blog for yourself and embed the video on the blog.

2) You may be required to post your video on other social media (like FB, Twitter etc) in addition to your favorite channel YouTube.

3) Your video needs professional touch in addition to the base point that you want to discuss or tell your customers.

4) Video without proper audio is considered as useless as a chocolate teapot. As such, please ensure that proper audio is available for your video.

5) Music adds additional flavor to your video. However, please be careful that you post your music or you have appropriate rights to post music created and owned by others.

6) Try to keep your video with material that is funny, informative and without any controversial issues.

7) You need to employ the best equipment for getting the best output in the form that you are going to post on YouTube channel. Depending on the requirements of the content and subject to your budget you need to go for appropriate hardware and software support for your video.

8) Colour combination, as well as the resolution of the video also, play significant role in retaining the viewers until the end.

9) Practice makes a man perfect. Please ensure that required practice is done before posting the video on the channel.

10) Last but not least, “Call to Action” is the trump card that will ensure that your viewers post their comments/feedback. This same button also helps in circulating your video among the social circle of your viewers as well.

As you need feedback/comments about your video for proper curation, you need to ensure that appropriate tools are employed to get the required feedback.

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