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20 Ways to Create YouTube Video Engagement with Quality Video Content

YouTube Video Engagement

YouTube is a video exchange platform. It is a place where marketers and purchasers come ‘face to face’ and thereby create a huge marketplace.

To keep the viewer (prospective buyer) engaged to his video, the marketer needs to ensure that his video is having certain pre-requisites in terms of its content, its quality and its presentation.

To keep the viewer harnessed the video content must have

  1. Accurate and updated information: The marketer needs to provide accurate and updated information about the product that he is talking in the video.
  2. Required contact details: As the end purpose of the video is converting the view into a purchase decision, there has to be mention of contact details so that the viewer can contact the business for further information/clarification.
  3. Good script: The marketer, before going for video shooting, need to do a lot of homework concerning the script. The script needs to contain all the information including the dialogues, the plot and all other details so that the video is quite interesting from beginning to the end.
  4. Good music: Suitable and melodious music keep the viewer engaged with the video. The marketer, however, needs to ensure that the music that he is placing on the video meets the requirements of the YouTube. It is advised that the marketer places his music or obtain appropriate legal rights if it is from a third party.
  5. Good location: The video narrates the plot and good background, as well as location, ensures that the viewer is committed to the video.
  6. Good sound quality: When we talk about the quality of the video, the sound quality is equally important. If the sound quality is poor, distorted and sounds like it record in a cave, the viewer will be immediately pressing the next button thereby the marketer is losing an otherwise good purchaser.
  7. Good lighting: As required by the script of the video, the shooting needs to conduct in a locality with good lighting. If the lighting of the video is clear, the viewer prefers viewing the video till the end.
  8. Good editing technology: The video recording might contain some unwanted material as well as repetitions. The editing department is required to ensure that the video moves on smoothly without jumps and also ensuring that there is no repetition of the content.
  9. Quality camera for shooting: Depending on the budget, the marketer should go for the best quality camera for shooting. As the camera is the first input for video shooting, its quality is of utmost importance. The better the quality of the camera, the better is the output of the video.
  10. Required Software: Once the video recording is over, there needs to support the software, and for this, some of the tools that can use include, etc.
  11. The video needs a good title and narration.
  12. Use the “Call to action” button to prompt the viewer goes to the next level.
  13. A good number of SEO (search engine optimization) enabled Ad Words.
  14. Reasonable watch time: The video length need to be optimum, i.e., it should be neither too small (without offering complete information) nor too lengthy (forcing the viewer to click the next button).
  15. Good description of the content including the keywords. Here comes the technique of the marketer into the picture. The description needs to maintain the maximum length of 157 first characters (which are very important) and needs to include CTA (Call to action) button as well.
  16. Captions and subtitles: When the marketer is planning to upload the content for viewers from different platforms like desktops, mobiles etc., he needs to provide the required captions and subtitles.
  17. Channel branding: The visitor, immediately reaching your channel, must get good linking between the video and your company. This will enable the viewer to go through the entire content of the video. If the link between the video and the company is not clear to the viewer, he might lose interest in the video as a whole.
  18. Engagement through likes/dislikes, comment, shares etc. As the result of the video as the objective of the marketer is to ensure that good video presentation to the viewer, there has to be a provision to engage the viewer.
  19. Capability to use inbound links and embeds: YouTube is offering certain inbound links to analyse the viewer behaviour about each of the videos presented on this platform. The marketer should be able to use the inbound links and embeds to assess the feedback provided by YouTube.
  20. Appropriate content curation: Once the video recording, it is optimum at that moment. The required changes to be carried out by the marketer in the video to ensure that the viewer is engaged in the video.

As the ultimate aim and objective of the marketer are to ensure that the video marketing advertisement is a grand success. He needs to adhere to the requirements of the YouTube Channel and also the ever-changing requirements of the viewer (who can be a potential purchaser as well). Keeping this in view the marketer needs to finalise his marketing strategy.

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