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YouTube Video Cards and their Uses, Types and Reports

YouTube Video Cards

YouTube allows for a lot of annotations and subtitles over their videos. That came as a huge sigh of relief for those who wanted to add that extra bit of help for those seeking for translation or those exploring for similar videos. Now, YouTube has gone interactive with its unique feature “Cards.” Everything about YouTube Video Cards is explained here.


Cards allow you to add a new layer of interactivity to your videos. They are applied on a per video basis and rendered on desktop and mobile devices. You can provide a destination URL from a list of eligible sites and, depending on the card type, customise an image, title, and call-to-action text. At any other point in the video, viewers will see an icon appear when they hover over the player on a desktop or whenever the player controls are showing on mobile. They can click the icon to browse all of the cards present in the video. Cards are designed to be contextual to the video and should help creators reach their goals while providing an enriched viewer experience.

Here are a few types of cards that YouTube provides.

Merchandise card – Merchandise cards can promote a creator’s licensed merchandise directly from the video. You can choose from some approved destination URLs, and the card will display a top-level URL.

Fundraising card – Fundraising cards can link viewers directly to projects on whitelisted fundraising sites which you could choose from. You can choose from some approved destination URLs, and the map will display a top-level URL.

Video or playlist card – This card can link to another public YouTube video or playlist which can be of interest to the viewer of the current video.

Associated website card – Link directly to your associated website from a card.

Fan Funding card – This card lets your fans show their appreciation for your videos, by making a monetary contribution directly on the video page. Please note that you need to enable Fan Funding for your channel, before including the Fan Funding Card in your videos.

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