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50 Free Ways to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

Youtube Subscribers

What is the most popular type of content for digital marketing? 

It is undoubtedly the video content. Some of the best platforms for hosting the videos are the Facebook, Twitter and the most popular YouTube. Most of the marketers love this free video sharing platform. Brands and businesses start their own YouTube channels and start sharing their video content and in the process, the number of subscribers for the channel increase, if the content is appealing. The more the number of subscribers and followers, the more the reach for the videos. Here are few free ways to increase the number of YouTube subscribers.

1. To increase the number of subscribers, upload your videos consistently.

2. Take the help of YouTube auto complete to name the videos strategically.

3. Impress the visitors to your channel with your channel design.

4. The header of the channel must be appealing and explain everything about the brand.

5. Make the content humorous and this will be liked by most viewers.

6. What attracts the audience to force them to watch the video? It is the thumbnail. Thumbnail is more like a cover to the book. When the thumbnail is appealing people will become curious to see what is there in the video.

7. Use annotations in every video of your channel and create a link to help the viewers subscribe to your channel.

8. Though this is the very basic thing to do, it is also effective, request the viewers to subscribe to your channel.

9. Post your video on Facebook with native video uploader and include a call to action to subscribe the YouTube channel.

10. Check the number of characters in your video title. The ideal number of characters is fifty or less.

11. Embed the videos in your YouTube channel on your blog also.

12. Promote each and every video of yours on social sites.

13. The length of the videos does matter and so keep them short and sweet.

14. Give the title to your YouTube videos after running Google search to see the keywords and include them in your title.

15. Create playlists in your channel and name them using keywords.

16. Let there be an intro for each of your video.

17. The description is where you must also write the keywords apart from titles to increase search results.

18. Your video description can be anywhere between three hundred and five hundred words.

19. Channel trailer helps viewers now about your and so create one which is captivating.

20. Create trending video content for getting short term views.

21. Embed videos on your blog and include subscriber buttons next to them.

22. Use tools such as Tint to add a widget to YouTube channel.

23. Request viewers to like the videos to let YouTube know it is popular and place it high in search results.

24. Use tags liberally use the keywords as tags.

25. If keywords are used as tags, these are given weight by YouTube in search results.

26. Respond to comments.

27. Identify the most engaged users and reach out to them and request them to share your videos.

28. Increase your video views and chances to increase subscribers by including a subscribe watermark in your videos.

29. Behind the scenes video let the viewers see the personal side.

30. Create an email list and promote the videos in your channel to the subscribers.

31. Hangouts on Google+ are recorded automatically and these can be uploaded to your YouTube channel.

32. Cross promote Google + and YouTube channel accounts.

33. Don’t be afraid to use long tail keywords. These can be found with tools such as Ubersuggest.

34. Optimize each of your videos as well as the YouTube channel.

35. Transcribe the video content so that search engines find relevant keywords in it.

36. Use Video LightBox or another tool to include videos in the Popup box.

37. Another simplest way to increase views and the chance of increasing the subscribers is to write the word ‘Video’ in the title.

38. The word video in the title will help to rank higher in search engines and increase views.

39. Promote your YouTube channel also on social sites and other places.

40. Keep your channel fresh by removing the unsuccessful and outdated videos.

41. Cleaning the channel will help it to look appealing.

42. Create playlists to make searching videos in your channel easy for the subscribers.

43. Pick up the most popular videos on your channel and transcribe them in several languages.

44. Mention your latest videos in your website or blog posts.

45. Respond to a comment on your video with a response video. Let the audience share it.

46. Subtitles and captioning help add more keywords.

47. Find popular channel in your niche and cross promote each other.

48. Comment on videos of others to build relationships.

49. Build links to YouTube videos on your sites and also on other sites.

50. Choose to create videos on trending topics.

Tools such as TubeBuddy help to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel. Also, create highly engaging videos. Increasing uploading frequency also helps in increasing number of subscribers for YouTube channel.

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