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YouTube Sponsorships For Creators – The Ultimate Guide

YouTube Sponsorships

YouTube allows creators to use product endorsements and brand deals in their videos to make more money. YouTube Sponsorships is one of the effective ways of Monetization for YouTube channels. For brands and businesses, this is a way to promote products so that the brand awareness increased.

To get benefits, brands are ready to pay massive dollars for brand endorsements, deals, and product placements. A YouTube channel creator can get good money and also free gadgets and products from brands as payment for sponsorships.

Types of YouTube Sponsorships

YouTube sponsorships are of different types. These can be divided into paid sponsorships, affiliate sponsorships, product sponsorships and paid sponsorships.

Affiliate Sponsorships:

Affiliate sponsorships are the most suitable for small YouTube channels. The brands give a link or coupon code that is shared by the YouTubers with their viewers, and whenever the viewers use the link or coupon code to purchase the product, the channel can make money.

The more the number of sales, the more will be the amount of money earned. This type of sponsorships can be availed by growing YouTube channels. There is no need to have a large subscriber base. The channels can earn anywhere between $100 and $10K.

Paid Sponsorships:

These are the prevalent type of sponsorships for YouTube channels. The brands pay good money to channels to promote their campaigns on the channel. The YouTubers mention their products or feature them in their videos.

Though this helps make the most amount from the channel, this type of sponsorship is hard to get. These sponsorships get the Proper money. The earning potential for a paid sponsorship deal can be between $1K and $10K. This type of sponsorship will be suitable for large and medium channels.

Product Sponsorship:

In this type of YouTube sponsorship, the products given to the YouTubers for free, and they have to review the product or feature them in the video. Review channels can get these types of sponsorships.

Brands look for proper YouTube channels when they release their new products on the market. Even small channels with fewer subscribers can get these sponsorships. However, the earning potential is low as no money is paid, but the channel creators can get free product.

How much YouTube Channels can get with Sponsorships?

Many factors decide the amount that the YouTubers get paid from sponsorships. The amount can be between $50 to some thousand dollars. The factors that influence the money one can get from sponsorships include –

  • The number of subscribers and views the channel has – the more these numbers are, the more the pay will be. This is because the channel will be able to generate sales for the brands.
  • Brands also consider the value that the YouTube channel can bring to them. Engagement levels of the video indicate the value the channel can bring to the sponsor.
  • The rate that the brands pay also depends on where the advertisements placed. These can put at the beginning or end of the video.
  • YouTubers also charge differently for mentioning the product in the regular videos or for reviewing or for making tutorials.
  • Sometimes the sponsor wants the YouTuber to create the video as per their requirement. In such cases, the YouTuber can charge higher.

Tips to get Sponsorships for YouTube Channels

Companies consider sponsoring channels that have enough subscribers, views, and engagement. They must feel that the channel can bring value to their business.

Thus try to grow the channel. YouTube sponsorship is hard to get. When you do get a sponsorship, work hard to produce high quality of content so that they come back to you.

To get sponsors, find the relevant brands and request them for sponsorships. Sending emails with sponsorship requests is a traditional and effective way.

Make a list of sponsors and send them personalized proposals. Try to explain the amount of value that you can bring to the brand how your subscribers are relevant for the product.

Some platforms connect the YouTube creators and the sponsors. Go to these platforms and ask for their support. These platforms can use for free. But they require that the channels have the minimum number of subscribers to register with them.

Some of the channels are Fame, but that needs the channels to have 5000 subscribers, Reelio that requires 7500 subscribers and Grapevine that requires 10,000 subscribers.

Get sponsorships, and the channels should have excellent video content. Great content is the one that audiences enjoy and share it with their friends and family. Great content measured with the comments, views, and social shares. Try to improve these statistics to get YouTube Sponsorships for the channels.

Apart from having high-quality videos, try to create a brand for the channel to attract brands for sponsorships. Upload an exciting channel trailer, upload custom channel art, create a logo for the channel and also create channel intro and outro. Use custom thumbnails that will grab the attention.

There are different methods which help in landing the sponsorship deals for YouTube channels. Directly approaching the channel with the proposal is most effective. Greet them and introduce yourself.

Describe the channel and how it relates to the brand. Tell how you can help them increase their product awareness and sales for the brand.

Keep the proposal and short and sweet. Do not send the same email to all the sponsors. Try to implement the best methods and then get sponsored on YouTube channels.

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Sponsorships for Small Channels

There are some YouTubers who have big brands as sponsors. How do they get the brands to sponsor their channels? Let us now know how to get sponsorships for the YouTube channels and where to find them.

YouTube Sponsorship for Small Creators

Small YouTube video creators are not just found by the sponsors. The channel owners have to ask for sponsorships.What is the right and wrong way to ask for sponsorships? One way is to make the channel very popular and let the sponsors find them.

Another way is to send proposals through online platforms. Brands for which you are sending the proposal will want to know what they will get if they sponsor you. Don’t just look for big brands. Look for startup brands and smaller brands also.

YouTube also offers the creator’s benefit program with different levels. The starting is the graphite benefits; the next is Opal benefits, bronze, silver benefits. To get these benefits, there is need that the creators are active on their YouTube channel.

YouTube Sponsorship for Small Channels

Getting sponsors for small YouTube channels or up and coming channels is not easy. However, it is important to increase the revenue.

YouTubers just do not make money using the ad revenue but the brands can also make money taking advantage of influencer marketing.

Getting affiliated sponsorship is the easiest to get for the small channels but is less profitable. Product sponsorships are hard to get for small channels.

How to Find Sponsors for your YouTube Channel

Find the sponsors by doing some research. Find the brands that are relevant to your channel.

Also, think of how the brands can get benefit from sponsoring your YouTube channel. Do not write a single form letter while requesting the sponsorship.

Mention all the points of your research. To make brands take your proposal seriously writes a personal letter. Describe your content and tell them how they can benefit from sponsoring you.

After writing a proposal letter, go to their websites and find how to contact them. You can also find the sponsors on sponsorship online platforms.

YouTube Sponsorship Platforms

There are different forms of sponsorships and the difficulty to obtain them depends on the high level of the sponsorships. Here are the best platforms for YouTube sponsorship.

• Grapevine is a sponsorship platform and is the most popular. To sign up you will need to have at least one thousand subscribers.

• Famebit is another place for seeking sponsorships for YouTube channels. To use this site, your YouTube channel needs to have at least 5000 subscribers.

• Reelio is another YouTube sponsorship site but it works only for big brands. YouTube channels with ten thousand subscribers can use this site.

• Channel Pages is another site.

YouTube Sponsorship Market Statistics

More and more people are using YouTube for making money. The number of channels that ear six figures per annum on this wonderful video sharing platform is up by more than fifty percent. It is said that 3.25 billion hours of videos are watched.

However, there is not the price set for what influencers are paid by the brands. Most channels prefer the flat fee model.

The amount the YouTube channels owners get from their sponsors depends on the product, type of partners and other factors.

YouTube sponsorships are becoming a popular monetization strategy.


YouTube in video ads give a very low return and instead of this opt for someone to sponsor the YouTube channel. This will prove to be very profitable financially and the creator will have control over what is displayed on the channel.

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