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YouTube Red Originals For Kids (Hyperlinked-DanTDM)

YouTube Red Originals For Kids

The entertainment service through OTT platform, especially through SVOD, has become the trending strategy in the present market. The traditional cable concept has drained in the flood of OTT. The YouTube Red Originals for kids is being in the first place of the SVOD service provider.

YouTube Red Originals For Kids mainly targeting the kids and families and depending on that the video content has been dispatched at the audience.

YouTube Red Originals For Kids

This app is accessible in all devices has released the unique shows by featuring the well-known figures on YouTube like DanTDM, L2M, TheAtlanticCraft and Fruit Ninja.

The Hyperlink of L2M has been composed with five girls to entertain the audience. They had considered the issues and theme in the relationship of friends and made it by organizing this show at which the girls will create their own website.

King of Atlantis creates the most excitement for the kids to watch regularly as it is a fully animated show.

DanTDM creates a big scene in which the most popular celebrity on YouTube has been introduced with the new concept through the animated characters.

The subscription cost for this $9.99 per month which is affordable by each individual.

Through the subscription of YouTube Red, the video content can be watched “offline” which is the most required thing for the audience.

The most significant thing about it is that the video content will be played with “Ad free”.

Here the SVOD concept is the most attracting thing to hold success in the account of YouTube Red original.

The concept of using mobile app of YouTube Red which is the most seeking one by the kids as they are mostly being with the gaming console, tablets and mobile phones.

The video content on it can be watched repeatedly which is not possible on linear TV. The kids most prefer to watch the favorite video content repetitively.


These are the unique strategies that have been applied to YouTube Red originals to gain the huge popularity through the most demanding subscription in kid’s category. YouTube Red is the only one which has expanded its brand name in short period.

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