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How To Stream YouTube Music To Google Home Device

How To Stream YouTube Music To Google Home Device

Google announced hands-free smart speaker with Google Assistance in 2016 and build in the USA. This smart home device works with a WiFi speaker, voice control system that automatically turns your smart home.

The device itself has interchangeable bases in various colours. The speakers have dual sides facing positive radiators, which can turn to full range, high base rich voice. As it is a WiFi speaker, it automatically streams music from your connected devices, podcasting just by voice commands.

How To stream YouTube music To Google Home device:

You can play the YouTube music through Google Home specifying the artist, albums, generous, playlist, activity and by song titles.

Google Home currently supporting a single account for streaming music services. If you would like to listen to music through Google Home, we need some commands.

Request a song like Say”Ok Google” “play ”, “play on ”

Request by artist or album Say “ok Google” play or “play on ”

YouTube music requires Subscription of YouTube Red. That means you must buy the YouTube Red to listen to specific albums, artists, songs on YouTube through Google Home.

This Subscription is mandatory for most of the functionalities. The google account used to link with Google Home is associated with the default Google Home account.

You should Unlink the default Google Home account which is used to link up with Google Home to change the YouTube Music account.

Unlink a Google Account from Google Home:

To unlink Google Account from Google Home i.e. either Phone or a tablet, first

Open the “Google Home App”.

On top right corner of the page, tap on “Devices”, to check available Google Home account.

Scroll down and find the “device card” of Google Home to unlink the google account.

Tap the device card “menu “, which is located at the right corner of device card.

Go to “settings”, underneath open “Linked Accounts”.

You can see the google Account which is used to set up Google Accounts.

Tap on “Linked Accounts”, then tap on X next to the name of accounts.

Tap on “Unlink” to remove specific Google Home device from the Google Accounts.

Streaming YouTube Music To Google Home Device:

After unlinking the Google Home account, you can use Google Home to stream YouTube Music.

Say the following voice commands of listen, like/dislike, save/unsave the station, shuffle, skip, forward and backward the songs.

To like/dislike a specific song Say “Ok Google”, “I like/dislike this song” “Thumbs Up/down”

To Skip Forward a song, Say “Ok Google” “ Skip forward seconds”

To Like/ dislike current station, Say “Ok google “ “I like/dislike this station” “follow/unfollow this station”

To play the previous song, Say “Ok Google”, “Back” “Previous”

To repeat a song, Say “Ok Google” “play this song again” “Repeat”

To Shuffle the songs, Say “Ok Google “Shuffle”

These are the some of the commands to stream YouTube music on Google Home.


Some people does not know about Google Home, but some of them know, they don’t get a proper guide on how to stream YouTube music on Google Home. Settings may vary to listen to the normal music and YouTube music. YouTube music is an Ultimate guide for How to stream YouTube Music on Google Home devices, make use of it for further reference.

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