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Top 9 Estimated YouTube Money Calculators

Making money online is now possible, and one of the favourite ways is by using the best video sharing platform YouTube. There are billions of users on YouTube, and one can earn money from this through ads, sponsor ads, and affiliate ads. To calculate YouTube was earning is not easy. However, some calculator websites help in estimating the YouTube earnings.But how YouTube Money Calculators works.Following are some of the Tools to check it.


The socialblade calculator allows setting up CPM range and entering estimated daily views based on which the estimated earnings are calculated.

YouTube Money Calculator

YouTube Money Calculator also allows inputting video views and RMP. Total estimated YouTube earnings are calculated based on the total number of views and the percentage Google takes off from the revenue.

VideoCents Calculator

VideoCents Calculator allows inputting estimated average daily views per video. It calculated the earning for specific periods based on the information entered.

Flickpoint Calculator

Flickpoint Calculator asks the user to input of daily views and the estimated value of CPM. It gives the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly earnings based on the information.

Worth Calculator

Worth Calculator is another website that calculates the estimated YouTube earnings. Search for the channel and paste the URL.


Pixup is another YouTube money calculator website which asks the user to enter the video views and custom RPM to calculate estimated daily, monthly and yearly revenues.

YouTube revenue calculator

Enter the information of videos posted, views per video and advertising CPM at YouTube revenue calculator at to calculate the estimated YouTube earnings. calculated the estimated YouTube earnings based on total views which the user will be asked to enter.


seeZisLab is another YouTube money calculator that allows the user to enter the views and choose the estimated YouTube CPM and calculates the estimated earnings.

YouTube is the second largest video hosting service and there are many opportunities to earn money on it. Using YouTube calculator websites estimated YouTube revenue can be calculated. These are very useful for channel owners.

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