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YouTube Mobile Video Advertising

by Jag

YouTube is the platform of opportunities, and it has opened the doors of various smart technologies today. It has a variety of video collection in some millions of some videos.

There are some ad formats on the YouTube which are very helpful for the publishers and advertisers across the platform. Beyond the web-based ad services to its users, YouTube has started the mobile video ad formats for the mobile video advertising.

The mobile usage has greatly increased, and the 70 percent of the YouTube video views are obtained from the mobile devices only. Yes, a majority of the people across the platforms are accessing the video content through mobile devices.

This made the YouTube platform to get focused on the mobile video formats and designed the YouTube mobile video application for the advertisers with different ad formats to utilize.

In stream and mobile roadblock

The roadblocks on mobile app of YouTube appear on the home, browser and different search pages of mobile YouTube. This format is available on the mobile devices.

The video views can be doubled, and the activity can be tripled by utilizing this feature on YouTube. The skippable video ads are also introduced in a mobile application of YouTube.

The mobile brand’s channels were also enhanced the video content engagement across the platform. The percentage of the YouTube video views from the mobile was doubled, and nearly 13M monthly users are noticed from the US region itself. The YouTube in-stream video ads can be appearing on the Android platform on the mobile devices.

Marketers are following various tactics in mobile video advertising to meet the large audience across various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other social media platforms. Social media is the powerful medium for advertising with the videos to reach the viewers across the globe.

YouTube is the biggest video searching destination on the web. Advertisers were already got succeed with the adverting on YouTube, and Many brands become an example for the success on YouTube platform. Now it’s time to mobile YouTube ads as the people were watching YouTube via mobile devices, Tablets.

It was revealed that the Viewability of the videos was increased with the mobile and tablets. More than 80 percent people were watching the videos on YouTube via mobile version. The YouTube platform was allowing the users to watch the true view skippable ads via mobile phones.

The YouTube tools were also providing the advertisers to make their ads mobile friendly. The platform was also supporting the mobile YouTube video analytics for the mobile video advertisers online which helps in analyzing the videos and the viewing rates and engagement of the audience with your videos along with the rate of retention of the videos is also provided by the YouTube premium services to the advertisers.

The advertisers can pay whenever the user watched the 30 seconds or full-length video ad on Youtube platform. The skippable ads on Youtube were very popular, and more than 67 percent of pre-roll ads on Youtube became skippable to the users. Many applications also came into the store for video watching on Youtube platform.