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The Most Important YouTube Metrics to Monitor

The Most Important YouTube Metrics to Monitor

A single word that has been shaking the entire global market under the concept of social media marketing is YouTube. Everyone much aware of YouTube as it is the most common and familiar to everyone even from kids to old people.

So each person is busy in giving work to their minds of launching creative YouTube channels either personally or business purpose.

Most of the vloggers might not have the idea of YouTube metrics that each one has specific importance to maintain the favourable YouTube channel without any issues.

Watch Time:

This is nothing but the time spent by the audience to watch the video. This can be found in analytics and notifies us which video is watched for a long time. So that the vlogger can identify the audience interested area to generate such videos.

Average View Duration:

Due to this, we can easily find the average time spent by the audience to watch a video. This can be used to estimate the level of video either it is most popular or dead one on our channel. Then that the vlogger can make amendments for the upcoming video.

Audience Retention:

This factor will define that how much length of the video has been watched by the viewers. Depending on that the outline of the video length has been designed either to be short or long by considering the audience preference.


The comments that have been mentioned by the audience should be considered to make changes according to the user interest. This will make us identify which video is getting more positive and which one has more negatives.


The most important one that frames the success of a video is “dislikes”. This will be helpful to pick the video which has more dislikes and to do the modification by approaching those people.

Estimated Minutes Watched:

This is used to find the overall watch time that the combined videos have for the channel. To estimate the engagement of videos on your channel just count the total views you have and divide it by no. of videos.

Average View Percentage:

When you are looking to get the 100% engagement of viewers, but you can’t reach that target exactly. Then you should consider average view percentage that how much you are attaining about 100. This will help you to reach your expected target by using advanced strategies.

Estimated Revenue:

This states that how much you are earning through the YouTube AdSense or funded by the fans for the development of channel.


The number of likes for a video defines the status of that video by notifying us to choose the best one to upload.


The number of shares will sketch to an extent you had performed in providing the best video content and how demanding that video in the public will be reported.

Subscribers Gained:

By having a look at gained subscribers will remind your goal to boost up the channel with an audience by using ultimate video making strategies. This is part in reaching your target.

Subscribers Lost:

This prompts us to take vital measures to recover the low performed videos when you decided to get back the lost subscribers.

Viewer Percentage:

The estimation of viewer percentage will be useful to know how many audiences are regularly being at your channel or not.


The number of views for a particular video is the symptoms that in which area you need to concentrate more.

Videos Added To Playlists:

The videos added to the playlist are important ones as audience prefer to watch the videos in the playlist as they are played sequentially without wasting time to surf the channel for every time. Try to produce better content in this category.

Videos Removed From Playlists:

It can make you observe any changes have been occurred after removing the videos from the playlist either increasing or decreasing the traffic.

Card Impressions:

These cards will direct the audience directly to the certain URLs and the card impressions will generate the number of times the cards are presented.

Card Clicks:

This defines that how many clicks are obtained by the cards of YouTube videos.

Card Click Rate:

The proportion of card impressions and card clicks will be measured to estimate the performance of cards.

Audience Watch Ratio:

This is nothing but the ratio of a total number of views obtained for each video and with this, we can identify the fraction of viewers watching the particular point of the video.

Estimated Ad Revenue:

This is used to calculate the total estimated ad revenue from all the Google related authorities including YouTube.

Gross Revenue:

The gross revenue related to advertising of all Google vended and double-click partners in specific region or location will be estimated.


Thousand ad impressions achieved gross revenue will be predicted.

Ad Impressions:

The valid number of ad impressions that have been aided will be disclosed.

Monetized Playbacks:

After the many occurrences of watching the video by the audience just only one ad impression has obtained named as monetised playbacks. This will be defined when the audience is provided with pre-roll add in the video and stops watching the ad before the video plays.

Playback Based CPM:

The calculating the thousand playbacks gross revenue.


These are the most important factors that show the huge impact on the development of the YouTube channel at an unexpected level. So be sure to analyze all these precious metrics that can down or lift the YouTube channel.

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