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YouTube for Healthcare Brands: Online Video Marketing for Healthcare Industry

YouTube for Healthcare Brands

Thinking about promoting your brand?

Are you belonging to healthcare category??

Confused about video marketing on YouTube for your healthcare brand??

Don’t worry!!

Follow this simple guide for beginners and dummies to get good knowledge.

Present Healthcare industry scenario

You may go through some ads and videos across the YouTube platform by reputed hospitals, clinics and other nutrition and fitness based content.

Yes, the healthcare industry is growing by utilizing the powerful video marketing to reach their audience and consumers.

Healthcare industry is vast as it had several branches and categories. But everything relates to health and wellness of the people.

So, at present, there is a huge competition in the healthcare industry and every brand is approaching with their own unique strategy to reach the people across the web.

How to market your healthcare brand on YouTube platform?

YouTube has some millions of active users so there is a good chance to reach a number of people on a single platform.

Yes, along with advantage there is also a big challenge to reach people. That big challenge is to reach the right audience and to get good engagement to the videos.

The challenge is to get identified among millions and to get good recognition to your brand in order to generate good leads.

Here some best practices for your healthcare video marketing on YouTube platform

Start with a welcome video

Create a good welcome video about your company or brand and the services provided. The video must be short and sweet that audience must not get bored with your video.

Use motion graphics and animated characters

Try using the motion pictures to tell a story about your services. Don’t over promote. Your way of promoting your services must be entertaining and useful to your audience.

Create health tips videos

User generated and user loved content plays a great role in your success, try to post the best health tips videos by attaching your logo on your videos. Try not to copy the things as it may reduce your rankings.

Make how to videos

Start how to videos on your services and their usage. Benefits etc. Also, create some useful content for your audience to engage them with your videos.

Drive traffic towards your website and social media using videos

Insert clickable links in your video to drive traffic to your website and boost the app downloads too. Useful content will definitely provide great value to your content.

Try Q&A videos

Create some question and answer type of videos and take suggestions from your audience. include the frequently asked queries in your video.

Hospital and product videos

Make a detailed product video and target the advantages of the product with your audience. if you relate to the clinics or a hospital, shoot the video testimonials and surgery related videos and upload on your channel.

Conduct contests and announce new offers and free health checkups

Make the video as your main platform and conduct interesting contests and offer your audience with free checkups and new offers.

How to promote your videos and go beyond?

The next step after the creation of your video content is to promote the video content in order to provide more value to your content.

Promotion in the sense it will not be reserved for only videos and it also applies for your concerned websites, blogs and wherever your services and brand exists.

So utilize the videos and insert the links of-of your website, blogs, and other social media platforms.

So that people can click on those links can be diverted your homepage as well as concerned page who want them to see.

Use keywords

Utilize best keywords by making the good research on keywords usage. Optimize the video metadata to boost your rankings.

Get connected with comments

Always be respond in a positive way to reach your audience. Also, do comment on other videos that are relevant to your field and connect with the new audience to drive them towards your videos.

Go live

Live streaming one of the most effective forms of promotion. You can make new releases announcements and get live comments as suggestions and critic reviews in real time.

But, it requires a separate strategy to promote before and after your live stream.

So there is a great scope to build strong audience base across the web.

Try paid promotion on YouTube

Use different YouTube video ads like skippable, unskippable, shoppable, banner and many other ads to boost your brand promotion.

You can also use annotations to your video.


Utilize YouTube SEO to get good rankings in search engine results by optimizing your video content across the search engine results.

There are several advantages for healthcare marketers on YouTube because people have good awareness on health and especially on fitness and food habits to follow daily.

So make a daily routine diet and fitness videos to stay at the top priority.

Finally, these are the general strategies and tips that can be followed to build the strong presence on the YouTube platform in the healthcare industry.

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