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Importance of YouTube for Automotive Industry

YouTube for Automotive Industry

Are you in the use of YouTube for Automotive brand promotion?

How come YouTube can be the most influential platform for Automobile brands?

YouTube for Automotive Industry

As we compared to the previous and present era, we can find the big difference in the sales that happen in the Automotive Industry.

In the past, the customers used to approach the dealers to know everything about the motor vehicles. But now it is completely changed through the digital marketing platforms.

In this, the YouTube is the main player in the Automotive Industry to finish the game of making huge sales by reaching the customers from audiences.

YouTube has become the most seeking influencer for Automotive Industry to influence the audiences by letting them make sure purchases.

Furthermore, most of the customers are completely relying on YouTube to find the keen information about the automobiles.

The automobile dealerships are making the path to tweak on YouTube through the testimonial videos, deals and dealership tours, etc. with excellent content delivery.

Why should your dealership be using YouTube?

In the past TV is used to play a role in the Automobile Industry but it is migrated to the YouTube. The exponential growth of YouTube video sharing is letting the car brands to expand their promotions.

  • Marketing on YouTube is the cost-effective and also the creation of interactive videos the car brands can extend their marketing skills.
  • Moreover, the video is the tool to engage the potential car buyers.
  • 6 out of 20 most watched YouTube video ads of all time are automobile ads.
  • The customers are expecting more than the ads on YouTube regarding the automobile products. By considering that the brands are taking amendments to produce the user-generated video ad campaigns.
  • The repurposing of content on blogs and podcasts etc. can be done and it helps to get higher Google search rank.
  • 65% of customers better know through video content than textual format.
  • The Email contact list can be gathered while using YouTube.
  • With the help of AdWords, the target of the audience can be done.
  • The personalized video ads on YouTube will attract the audiences to quickly find your brand and also sharing on other social media sites will take place.

Automotive YouTube Marketing Moments

Here are the Google described micro-moments that every automotive brand should consider to reach the expectations of the customers.

Which is the best Car?

Most of the customers are fully confused to buy the car as they are not aware of which one is the best. They are most probably getting the YouTube to find which one is best to pick through the use of mobile. The major thing they consider here is the comments and reviews of the automobiles.

Is it right for Me?

No customer has found time to go to the dealership to find whether which one suits him or her. Hence they are using the online mobile apps like YouTube to find at an instant.

Can I afford it?

90% of the customers will go through the cost of the automobiles before buying. To know that they visit the videos of the brand on YouTube and have a look at comments.

YouTube best practices for Automotive Industry

Showcase Virtual Showroom:

The customer attention towards the brands is the essential thing. Also, the uploading of regular video content on YouTube has become the most boring material to watch. On behalf of that, they are skipping the ad campaigns to watch. To go most out of regular branding just reveal the video footage of showroom by capturing the rare moments that no one knows.

Building Emotional Connection:

The regular video ad campaigns are not reaching the targeted audiences. Mostly the video ad campaigns that are flavored with the fun and emotion are going viral through huge sharing on YouTube. It makes your brand to stand at the top while comparing with the competitors.

Establishing Contests:

The automotive brands can launch the contests that highly influence the YouTube audiences to get updates from your channel. This type of strategy will build the huge fan base through subscription and also makes the brand to go out of expected.

Pros and Cons of using YouTube for Automotive Industry



The use of YouTube for Automotive Industry will help to get in touch with the millions of audiences where there will be chances of turning in to customers.


The search engine optimization is the advantage of using YouTube. The YouTube videos are getting higher search ranking and displayed at the search results as they are indexed well.

Social Sharing:

The unique advantage of using YouTube is that YouTube videos can be shared and watched on other trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc. Hence, it makes the audiences to watch the ad campaign from their feed itself.

Cost effective:

The brands need not invest hugely in video ads to launch on YouTube. They are free. If the brands want to go out of their branding strategy, then they can make use of AdWords to better target the audience. It is more affordable that anyone can invest.



Obviously, all the brands will assign the back-links to their videos, and this lets the audiences to visit their official website. It seems like a benefit along with that there is negative in it, i.e., those links will not help to improve the search ranking and tagged as ‘nofollow.’

Competitor Video Ads:

As the YouTube sell the ads with proper ad formats to play in the original videos. Your competitor might step ahead to place the video ads on YouTube to seize your audiences.

Limited Customization:

In the description of the YouTube videos, the brands can deliver certain information about the products to the customers.

Competing Content:

YouTube allows the brands to gain the customers through the video content and not to sell. The sales of products will take place when you have creative content. Then the dealership should concentrate more on content creation.

Ways to Reach the Potential Customers Through YouTube

The shopper’s made frequent visits to automotive through mobiles and digital trends. The average car consumers today make less than two times to visit the dealers physically. YouTube held an important role and leveraged many ways to reach the potential customers.

According to Google report, 70% of the car buyers are influenced by YouTube videos. 46% of the mobile searches for dealership was increased by last year. The automobiles review, test drives, features, options and walk through views has doubled this year.

The most popular car video searches on YouTube are

  • Test Drives
  • Express Interior and exterior of the car
  • Correlation videos which explain the features vary with different models.

It is a considerable chance to the dealerships who implement YouTube in their video marketing campaigns. Here are the great ways to reach the potential customers through YouTube.

Be Compassionate:

In this modern society, the dealers should be responsive and have a quick answer to the customer’s queries. If you are ready with the answers, the shoppers will move to someone else. So be compassionate about your products.

Frame your Video Library:

Create a video by respecting the customers time and maintain good customer relationship. That will lead your customers to the door. Customers are essential for any business, and they want informative automobile videos.

Organise Online Audits :

Conduct an online survey on other automobile industry videos and analyze your audits.  Are you using right keywords for your Videos? Is your Brand is professional and consistent? Are your Brands videos showing more features?

Make sure to maintain all these key factors in your automobile industry to gain the potential customers.

Secrets of Successful Automotive YouTube Sales

Consumers are more educated than ever before and the reason for this online booking for Automotives industry. If you are maintaining the Automobile industry, follow the below secret tips for the successful Automotive YouTube sales.

Customers always pay more for the excellent attitude rather than the products. Consider your attitude and moving forward and considering the tips to adjust your attitude.

Utilise YouTube to go for the virtual walkthrough and to give a presentation about your Brands. The presentations should include the features, keep the video under 3 minutes, personalize it if necessary, sell your name and number, ask to make calls and book appointments.

Introduce yourself with the help of YouTube videos. The best introduction video should include your name, number, office services, information assistant, welcome and thanks, messages must consist of, and the video should be less than 60 sec.

Show multiple options to the buyers. Don’t just show one piece tag. Send various quotes based on the buyer’s choices, including all in one mail explaining one by one according to price.

You should treat your customer as an average person. Ask to fill the inquiry form to know their wishes and to identify what type of vehicle suits them. Remember the Golden Rule of customer assistance to treat a consumer.

Send a Credit app in your quotation. Your mail link should direct to the dealer’s website to know the benefits and sales opportunities.

A happy customer will review your site and give testimonials about your products. Send testimonials to the customers and new clients how your existing customers are satisfied with your services.

Auto Brands that are most Successful on YouTube

Recently automotive industry has started to distribute marketing resources to influencers through social videos. The young shoppers want to see the brands with initially engaging content including entertainment.

The critical point for a successful video marketing strategy for an automobile industry is how, why, and where your customers more engage on Social media. These two leading Brands understand that they need platform-specific content with creative ads.


BMW series showed customer stories to steal the hearts of BMW lovers. Anyways professionally created ad campaigns and television ads are different from the consumer stories. The BMW hours full of 33 stories and each video received an average of 7k to 14k views. BMW customer stories drive 5 X times more than the commercial ads.

This video is one of the best examples of BMW customer stories. Bassam is the owner of BMW 3 series, and he drives 3300 kilometers to show the BMW’s birthplace Germany. He trusted his E30 series and started his world tour with his wife on his own BMW car.


Lexus recently introduced a video that it demonstrates, experiment with the new exciting things on YouTube. The Lexus Hoverboard it’s an innovation of Lexus automotive company. This kind of video content shows that Lexus came out of the box to maintain their leading position in the competitive Automotive Industry.

Top YouTube Channels for Automotive Enthusiasts

Motor Trend:

Motor Trends channel established in 2006, this channel has a massive playlist of Test drives, preview, reviews and latest automotive news.

The Fast Lane Car:

The fast lane car channel gives review, feature and test drive videos. They take two different similar cars and compare, drag the race and give review against each one.


XCAR is one of the best car review youtube channel, not only review they are also specialized tell stories of greatest cars of all time.

Tax The Rich:

Tax the Rich is the craziest channel they do magic on driving supercars. They don’t upload reviews regularly they often release the supercars features.

YouTube for Automotive Industry Statistics

  • More than 6 million hours of car reviews video content watched on YouTube among 3 million was viewed on mobile devices.
  • Car buyers spent 59% time on researching on the internet.
  • 46% of the automotive buyers use multiple devices for online research.
  • YouTube videos influence 69% of the prospective automotive buyers.
  • Auto video watch time increased 220% year by year from 2015 onwards.
  • 78% of the shoppers are using third-party websites to get Reviews.
  • 72% visit dealership more often the buying process was enhanced.
  • 25% of the buyer’s research on mobile devices to buy a unique car.
  • 50% of the consumers use their devices at the dealership.
  • 70% of the people use mobiles to find the best prices for the vehicles they are interested.
  • It estimated that 90%of the Cars will be Internet-enabled by 2020.
  • 65% of the buyers search for the specific cars and models on YouTube.
  • 50% buyers read guest posts and reviews on YouTube.
  • 67% of the buyers compare the offers and ads on YouTube.


YouTube expansion in the automotive industry was increasing year by year. YouTube videos remarkably influence the Young generation who’s looking to buy Cars or other automotive. So, the marketers should use YouTube for Automotive Industry video marketing strategy in their Business.

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