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Top 10 Tips for a YouTube Custom Video Thumbnail

YouTube Custom Video Thumbnail

The role of YouTube in content marketing is very important. This is the best platform to build an audience. since a large number of video content is uploaded everyday on YouTube, it is not easy to attract a fan base and catch the eyes of people. To make people click and watch the video creating an attention-grabbing thumbnail is very important. These are the Top 10 Tips for a YouTube Custom Video Thumbnail.

YouTube Custom Video Thumbnail Tips

1. Use a thumbnail that helps the audience to immediately recognize you.

2. The thumbnail should be something that visually connects to your brand or to the content in the video.

3. Do not use misleading thumbnails just to hook the viewers.

4. Keep the thumbnail style consistent in all your videos. this helps for branding the image and connecting the audience to the channel.

5. Title cards can be used as an effective thumbnail. These also help in introducing the videos.

6. The original thumbnail size should be full 1280 x 720.

7. A high-resolution thumbnail appears clearly on multiple platforms and devices. Try thumbnails in different sizes and see which comes out well.

8. Make the best use of colors. Ensure that they standout but are not very gaudy.

9. Including a human face in the thumbnail, especially a close up will pique the curiosity of the viewer.

10. See that the text is of the right size. The words in the thumbnail should not be more than six.

Creating a great thumbnail is good branding and to increase click through rates. Try different YouTube Custom Video Thumbnail and see which thumbnail bring highest views and shares. Use the image editor to make changes to the hue, saturation etc to draw attention. The above is perfect guide to YouTube Custom Video Thumbnail.

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