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YouTube Cross Promotion and Collaboration

YouTube Cross Promotion and Collaboration

The power of cross promotion and collaboration can only be cashed on by a platform only as large as YouTube. The network is home to thousands of content creators who manage to become internet personalities with little more than a webcam and a dream.

Strategy : Work with other creators and cross-promote content between channels.

Why it Works : Collaborating with and promoting other creators in the community can be one of the most powerful ways.

How to Do it :

Collaborate with channels that attract similar demographics. Appear, guest-star or contribute to other channels and vice-versa.

Leverage each other’s audience to find new viewers.

Record video chats, hold Hangouts on Air, or incorporate video from a collaboration partner on your channel.

Use annotations, playlists, links in description and clear direction within the video to help the viewer watch more.

Be active on your channel during any cross-promotion period. Interact with new viewers.

Feature your best videos or playlists when you expect a lot of new viewers might be visiting your channel.

Make sure to have an effective programming schedule after cross-promotions.

The content you publish in the weeks after gaining new subscribers will determine if these new viewers remain subscribed and active with your channel.

Think holistically about your YouTube community. Sure, it includes your most avid fans and followers, but it also includes other YouTube creators.

Identify similar or relevant channels and invest in these relationships.

Accessing new audiences on YouTube begins with finding the channels where those audiences are already engaged.

It’s a good idea to identify similar or relevant channels with whom to work on cross-promotion and collaboration in a mutually beneficial manner.

Though, first you must do the work to build your content, your channel, and your audience into something that other channels will want to support.


The collaboration and cross promotion of YouTube content can be the best way to have the increment in the step of marketing.

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