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The Ultimate Guide To YouTube Copyright Match Tool

YouTube Copyright Match Tool

Flash news for all the unique creators of YouTube.

Are you much excited to find what it is?

Just blast your excitement with the stunning tool “Copyright Match” that is going to produced by the YouTube.

What its role to play on YouTube. It will detect the reupload of original videos of one’s individual on other YouTube channels.

Is it sounds good? It is the most exciting feature that all creators are much awaiting to use. It is the time to entertain your audience with your unique and creative video content on YouTube. This feature may lead to gain the more and more subscribers and audience as your videos are available on your own YouTube channel only.

It’s in your hands to take action by reviewing the videos after match of re-uploaded videos have been found.


As initial trial only limited and eligible creators can experience this tool.

Working of Copyright Match Tool

  • When the creator uploads video then the YouTube will consider it as the first iteration.
  • Then YouTube will scan the videos of the other YouTube channels after your upload to find the matched videos from the others.
  • To find whether you are the first uploader to feed the public is that the YouTube will consider the uploading time to see the matches.
  • To avoid that risk to be in that list or to prevent such copyright issue check back.
  • The misuse of Copyright Match tool will lead to loss of YouTube Partnership or accessing of the Copyright Match tool.
  • Just keep in mind that if the YouTube found any matched video, it’s not mean that it is copyright infringement.
  • Before approaching the takedown request, it is your responsibility to review each video keenly.

Who is eligible to use Copyright Match tool

The creators who are having 100,000 subscribers are eligible to access this tool.

How to use the Copyright Match

If you are the eligible creator, then Copyright section appears at the left navigation of your YouTube Studio.

Hit the tab of the “Matches” under the Copyright to find the matched videos.

If you find the matched videos, then you can take several actions as follows.


When you choose this by moving the match to Archive you can take action later on.

Message the channel:

If you find the match, then you can intimate the other YouTube channel creators that video is reuploaded. The conversation can take place over email.

Request removal:

You can legally request the YouTube to remove the reuploaded video on the site. It can be done in two ways as the scheduled way and standard way.


In a scheduled way the seven-day notice has been sent.


Whereas, a standard will refer to ‘request removal now.’ That means a direct approach to YouTube to remove the matched video.


The launch of this “Copyright Match” tool will sweep the copyright videos that are stolen from one’s individual. It’s a fantastic tool that all creators need.

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