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A day in the life of a YouTube Copyright Claims Analyst

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Today the most annoying issue that has become the bug for every creator of YouTube is copyright claim.

How are they going to deal with it in real time?

Do you want to find some find some strategies that they follow to claim the copyright?

Then go through the phrases that have been framed from real time experience that we can find nowhere.

Use tools to review content maintained in YouTube’s CMS (e.g. sound recordings, music videos) with a high level of detail, speed, and accuracy.

Proper management of digital assets on YouTube can be done.

Support the Rights team in researching and resolving rights-related issues on YouTube.

User disputes/appeals, 3rd party claims, and ownership conflicts will be considered.

Communicates directly via email with YouTube users.

Assist the Performance Rights Services team in researching, analyzing, and resolving master rights conflicts.

Participate in additional quality assurance initiatives to comply with YouTube Content ID guidelines.

An asset:

An asset is the only destination to find all the information about the particular uploaded video on YouTube.

It consists of individual sections of policies, details of ownership, reference files of content and claims which allow the actual owner of the video content to make claim on the copyright infringement.

The assets of YouTube might include a music video, sound recording, composition share, web, art track, movie and television episodes that each one will be defined that are matchless with others.


Most of the creators might not have the idea to pick the assets that help in claiming the copyright.

A reference:

To match the content ID of the creator then YouTube uses the asset’s audio or video file copy as the reference.

Since the content ID has been matched with the asset then it is assigned not view as the public video.

The creator can claim the video by creating the reference that enables the content ID of the video.

The YouTube will produce the digital finger prints by comparing the content ID of the videos that have been uploaded by the other creator and all this happens from reference.

Managing YouTube usage and match policies.

Automatic and manual claiming of UGC and taking required action.

Resolving copyright and community guidelines notices and strikes.

Preparing reports to have keen records in obtaining the ownership on own content.

Upload music reference files in YouTube Content ID and Facebook Rights Manager.

Keep records and whitelist our customer’s channels.

Research rights-related issues, such as 3rd party claims or user disputes, and resolve these through communication with relevant stakeholders.

Coordinate daily work with other reviewers.

Provide regular reporting and progress updates.

Together with the team continuously work to improve processes and workflows.

Impeccable follow-up and follow-through capabilities will be observed to attain the own authority.

Might have excellent knowledge of YouTube ecosystem.

He must acquire YouTube Certified in Digital Rights Management.

He should have MCN (Multi Channel Network) Work Experience.


After reading this article you might get an idea of how the YouTube creator can run the successful channel by overcoming all those hard-hitting signs. It might be simple to read but very tough while facing in the real time.

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