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Top 50 Global Brands that use YouTube for Content Marketing and Storytelling

YouTube for Content Marketing

YouTube is the top video sharing platform and one of the active tool for video marketing. Many numbers of brands are using YouTube for content marketing and here are the top 50 brands that are using the platform successfully for telling stories to their consumers.

How are the global brands using YouTube for marketing and storytelling are become successful?

They post the content consistently. Fifty percent more videos are published on these success brand channel that those who are least successful. Publishing the content is regularly followed by these brands.

YouTube SEO is different, and the top brands know how they should optimise their video. They take advantage of YouTube features such as playlists and tags. Best brands on YouTube focus on creating quality content and not quantity content. The logo of these brands prominently appears in the video as well as in the metadata. It is important to put the logo in the video to have the branding. Instead of creating multiple channels, successful brands upload consistent content.

Brands concentrate on providing right content for the right audience. And they do not leave their YouTube channel inactive for more days. Apart from using YouTube for marketing, the top brands also use social media effectively for brand promotion. Here is the list of fifty brands that use YouTube for storytelling.

  1. Red Bull
  2. PlayStation
  3. Rockstar Games
  4. Apple
  5. GoProCamera
  6. Rovio Entertainment
  7. Ubisoft
  8. Nike Football
  9. DC Shoes
  10. Pepsi
  11. Disney
  12. Adidas
  13. MTV
  14. L’Oreal
  15. Visa
  16. Volkswagen
  17. Toyota
  18. Hyundai
  19. Kia
  20. Lenovo
  21. Nintendo
  22. Audi
  23. Budweiser
  24. Louis Vuitton
  25. Hp
  26. Oracle
  27. Cisco
  28. Intel
  29. Benz
  30. BMW
  31. Amazon
  32. Mcdonalds
  33. GE
  34. Samsung
  35. Toyota
  36. IBM
  37. Microsoft
  38. Coca-Cola
  39. Dove
  40. Ford
  41. Kleenex
  42. Yahoo
  43. UBS
  44. Kellogs
  45. Nivea
  46. American
  47. ebay
  48. Gillette
  49. Caterpillar
  50. Nescafe

Why are big brands interested in using YouTube for content marketing?

Traditional advertising might soon become a thing of past. Brands are searching for new ways to reach their customers more easily. Brands can establish good relationships with the audience through YouTube. The subscriber base grows and the number of potential consumers increases.

Top brands are creating content especially for YouTube and are choosing to tell their story on this platform. Interactive videos help increase consumer engagement and more people will share the video. Successful big brands have big budgets for YouTube content marketing.

Successful does not come just like this. Creating engaging videos is as important as integrating them with social media. This maximizes the reach. The goals of brands for their video marketing campaign on youTube may be different. Video marketing is used to increase awareness, build brand, increase sales or drive traffic to the website.

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