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How to Watch YouTube Channels in TV Mode

YouTube Channels in TV Mode

You can easily watch out and set up your YouTube Channels in TV Mode. If you got a YouTube app just log in and get different options like to subscribe videos, uploads and more. YouTube is a video sharing website and you can easily upload, edit and search videos on YouTube.

Finally YouTube has drawn back to play movies on the Big screen. YouTube tied up with all major websites to play movies. YouTube TV providing low-cost streaming services. Ways watch YouTube Channels in TV Mode are listed here.

Ways To Watch YouTube Channels in TV Mode:

Using Remote Control:

Anything you would like to go on online just connect to the internet and use many ways.

Go to the Home screen scroll for apps on TV. Select on YouTube app.

Now you can open YouTube search for videos, watch any YouTube channel videos.

To scroll up and down use the arrow buttons on your remote control. If you like to go to the category list move to right side view.

To find search option just go to upwards on the screen selects on the Search icon. You can browse any type of personalized videos.

Play and enjoy the YouTube channels as you wish.

Using Laptop:

Generally, we open for watching videos on YouTube.

Click on the Menu bar and go to sign-in, it will ask you

Open your laptop new tab, type URL and sign-in.

When you are signed in, it will ask you a 8 digit code where you can find on your TV login page.

Enter that code in Laptop click on next. It will automatically connect to the device.

You can watch Videos as you like. You can use your mobile phone also.

Using Mobile Phones:

Go to settings on the YouTube channel, select pair device.

In PAIR DEVICE, you will get pairing code, copy the pairing code.

You can connect more than one device at a time your internet. So you can connect it to tablet, mobile phones or an iPhone.

Just go to YouTube settings open, connected to TV option.

When you click on add TV, enter the 12 digit code to add.

After adding click on Connect TV Network.

Now you can watch any video just click on the phone it automatically streaming on the Big Screen.


This article is about how to watch YouTube Channels in TV Mode. It is an easy and simple process to watch YouTube Channels in TV Mode using different devices like laptops, mobile phone, tablet and your remote control.

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