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How to Increase YouTube Channel Traffic

How to Increase YouTube Channel Traffic

The most incredible video destination where more than 100 hours of video has been upload every minute is nothing but YouTube platform. It is more than a video platform which allows the users to socialise and share beyond the platform.

Today the competition was significantly increased on YouTube platform, and it is not that easy as said to get identified among the millions of videos across the platform.

Several important factors influence on your channel success. If your target is only for the better traffic on your channel, then this is the best guide for you to boost your channel traffic.

Doing best SEO practices

Optimization of the video metadata

Metadata is the information that is placed in the video which includes titles, descriptions, and tags of the videos. By optimization of these sections, it helps to rank videos on Google and YouTube platform.

Video titles

Go with a relevant and descriptive title which must be a memorable one that must include the rich keywords for better target of audience. The title must be relevant to your video content and it must be optimized.

Video description

Your videos must need a good story which must provide your viewer with a snapshot of your video content. It is paramount to include the essential keywords which must match with the tile. You must also include the relevant URL. Do write at least 250 words description by utilising the key phrases that match with the title.


Add at least ten tags to your video which is the best way to use the keywords that can be relevant to your video that can fit your title and description. The tags must be pertinent to the video content. The video metadata optimization plays a crucial role to rank your videos and to boost traffic towards your YouTube channel.

Youtube playlists

The playlists play a significant role in driving more views to your channel. Playlists also rank across the search engines. So, you can also utilize the playlists to drive the best traffic towards your youtube channel with ease. However, you need to optimize the playlists which are more important to drive the traffic.

Consistent branding

Go with a custom background and showcase your presence across the major social networking platforms to improve the reach. The branding must be done in a consistent way to stay engaged with the customers.

Influencer outreach

The short form digital content has a significant impact on the audience, and it is the best way to reach large customer base.

YouTube stars are more influential across the YouTube platform, and it is the reason why brands are interested in going with prominent outreach campaigns to boost the YouTube channel traffic.

The influencer outreach campaign targets mainly towards the customer engagement levels. So, it is very beneficial for YouTube channel to fetch good traffic towards the channel.

Interacting in forums

Interaction with different YouTube communities and the forums related to your niche is imperative and helps you to get attached to your audience. So, plan and free your time to start best interactions on various forums and communities to stay engaged across the web. It is beneficial to drive good traffic towards your YouTube channel.

Content marketing and video promotion across the blogs

Youtube is the only platform which allows the cross-platform advertising where there is an option to promote your channel and videos across different active social media platforms across the web.

So, utilize this feature and drive real audience by embedding your YouTube videos on your blogs. Try good write up on your video and place it on your blog. Interact with the audience through your comment system and raise the engagement.

Market your content on your website and share it via emails and social media shares and so forth. It helps you to promote your identity across different social media platforms to reach the maximum audience.

Running Contests and Giveaways in your YouTube channel

Run exciting contests in your niche. For example, if you are running a teaching channel then provide some interesting questions and make it as a contest and give them attractive learning packages or premium content or any other gifts basing on your content category that fits well for your promotion and act as an encouragement.

Interviewing celebs

Interviewing the celebrities can also increase good traffic to your YouTube channel as most of the audience like to watch their favorite stars and will not miss your video. So, try interviewing a celebrity and boost your channel traffic.

Collaborating with other Youtubers

Collaboration can improve your potential as well as the identity of your channel. So, collaborate with the fellow Youtubers and make interesting videos and share some attractive information.

However, remember you must choose the right collaborator for your channel and better if the collaboration is with similar category channel.

By collaborating with the fellow Youtubers, you can double your audience along with your collaborator and step ahead to implement in the best way to connect with the audience.

Getting featured in media and press

Feature your channel on media and in a press release. Get some hype to your location at least so that you can drive better traffic towards your channel.

Spend some dollars for word of mouth advertising on online and offline press releases to increase the impact and to raise the interest in your channel to your audience.

Giving interviews to other Youtubers

If you have good friends circle on YouTube, just request your friends who have good YouTube channels to take interview from you on behalf of your channel. It helps you to reach a real audience to your channel.

Finally, follow these best ways, and we are sure you will able to reach a huge audience with right implementation of the same.

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