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How to Build a YouTube Channel for a Non-profit Organization

YouTube Channel for a Non-profit Organization

YouTube is one of the best platforms online for engaging consumers. This platform also became essential for Non-profit Organization for various reasons. YouTube is a perfect place for promoting the organization as the platform does not charge anything and thus using this is cost effective.Non-profit organizations are using YouTube channel since many years.There is a need to have a specific strategy for using YouTube channel for the non-profit organizations.

Non-profit organizations can associate with YouTube Nonprofit Program which helps in increasing uploading capacity and increases visits to their website.Call to action feature of YouTube can be utilized by these organizations to visit their official page and ask them to take required action like donating etc.

Non-profit organizations can use the Annotations feature on their YouTube videos to divert the viewers to partners’ website or other external sites related to their work.  Optimize the videos for increased search.  Non-profit organizations must remember to tag videos liberally, give proper titles etc.They should also upload the videos at regular intervals so that their videos appear in search results.

Non-profit organizations must measure the performance of their videos so that they can make changes to their YouTube strategy to make it a success.They can use YouTube insight which helps in this.  Visuals are more effective than text and tell stories visually.Share your video links on Twitter, Facebook or use them in email marketing.  Embed the video content on your website or blog also.This helps increase the engagement.

Non-profit organizations can share videos of their latest meetings of events. Follow YouTube channels of other non-profit organizations and this can help to get more subscribers.Upload testimonial videos.Show the good work being done by the organization.Using YouTube can be very beneficial for non-profit organizations to increase engagement and drive traffic to the website.

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