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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Flipboard

Are you tired of using regular platforms to promote YouTube channel? Is it sucking to give the better performance? Then Flipboard could be the best app that can drain your problems to promote your channel. This is the only site where you can find millions of users.

What is Flipboard?

The app which projects the features of a magazine to hold the videos or photos that are being collected from all social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, etc. It is flexible for all most commonly used devices like mobile, tablets and personal computers as well. It brings all the users to collaborate at this Flipboard hub.

How to market your YouTube Channel using Flipboard?

Always create the fresh video content that is unique from others.

Make collaboration with other YouTubers of the similar channel then share the videos of the involvement of them at yours on Flipboard.

Use trending titles for the videos that you have generated.

Make comments on others posts and vice versa. This automatically shows a great impact on your channel.

Assign the other video URLs at the shared one so that there might be a chance of go through your YouTube channel.

How to create a magazine on Flipboard for YouTube Channel?

Go to Flipboard app if it is mobile or if it is a desktop.

Then log in with your personal details like Facebook, Twitter or Goole+ account.

It will direct you to choose “what’s your passion”.

Now select the one you wanted. There the multiple streams will be given then select those.

Click on done.

It leads to the main profile page of yours.

Hit on the icon of the ‘pen’ appears on the top right corner.

Now you can create the magazine you wanted to have.

Then add the video content URL at your magazine that needs to post on Flipboard.

Steps to Create magazine on Flipboard for YouTube Channel

Fill your Flipboard Profile with your YouTube Channel URL:

Make sure to add YouTube channel URL on the Flipboard profile which makes to explore the name of your channel. As there are millions of audiences will be found on Flipboard to gather the required content.

Feed Your YouTube Channel Video URLs:

Generate the maximum number of video URLs at the magazine of the channel. This can continuously engage the channel with the audience and can increase the performance of your channel.

Create Your Own Magazine YouTube Channel:

When you decided to roll up with the Flipboard then create the own Magazine YouTube channel. Then the public can easily recognize your YouTube channel that appears on any social media.

Get the URL for Your Magazine:

Save the URLs of the magazines you create and those can be used to share on social media sites to visit the magazines directly. This obviously shares the video content that you posted on Flipboard.

Share your Magazine on Social Media:

After the creation of your magazine on Flipboard then share the video content by inviting the friends of your Facebook account. This activity will drain more traffic for your magazine that boost up the performance of the channel.

Convert Magazine Readers Into Followers:

When you frame the magazine with rich video content then the readers will become the followers on a regular visit of your magazine. When you make comments on others magazines then automatically their followers will become yours in a rapid way.


Now you might come to know how the Flipboard works to bring up your YouTube channel with an unbeatable success that never had before. If you are not at that Flipboard home just go on using it then define the results from what you have experienced.

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