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How To Do YouTube Channel Competition Research

Have you ever think to beat the competitors YouTube channel as a vlogger?

Do you know that we can learn a lot by making research on competitor’s channels?

This is the time to explore your caliber of vlogging in expanding your YouTube channel with the help of below mentioned strategies.

Pick your Niche Industry what you are targeting

Initially, choose the niche industry at which you are passionate to deliver the best to the audience. should be selected by estimating the vlogging capabilities that should strike at each viewer.

Collect Top Videos from your Niche

Always try to collect the top most videos that are being as the trend in social media platforms. Make the varied formats of videos depending on the theme of the collection. This concept will elaborate your framing skills in generating different video content.

Use Manual and Third-Party Tools to Collect Top Videos

Focus on the advanced tools that are being trended in the market to collect the top videos either manually or automatically. This type of tactics will save the time that helps in the creation of bulk content for your niche.

Mine Your Competitor’s Data by Sorting Top Videos by Views and Date of Upload

Make the analysis of videos which have acquired huge views and date of upload that are being on the list of competition from the opponents. The digging of this data will help to frame future predictions on the coming videos.

For example, if you are from music niche then pick the top YouTuber in music category like Wiz Khalifa then hold the top videos that he made. Depending on that you can take the advanced steps to create videos in your niche.

Learn which Channels uploading best videos in your Niche

Make a research on the list of channels which are giving the best performance by uploading the best video content in your niche. So that you can make tremendous videos by enhancing the video content you have.

Produce the videos by choosing unique conceptual videos that are being different from the competitors.

List out Channels and Mine all their Video Views and Engagement

Make a sheet of competing channels by visiting the videos having massive views that are being engaged by the audience frequently. This can give you a basic idea of how to frame the most engaging videos at your channel.

Learn their best working strategies from the data you collected

After analyzing the competitors just make a sketch on how they are exploring their channel brand through their ultimate vlogging strategies. Pin those keys from that observation and heave at our niche.

When we watch the videos of ‘Pew Die Pie’ then we can find a different way of styles in each video that are hilarious and interesting to watch at each time he uploads.

Start implementing it

After making research on all the above points just go on implementing at your YouTube channel. The real-time experience will give the better results of understanding of three ‘D’s like “what you have done, what you need to do and what you are doing” to build the brand of your channel.


Always individual vlogging strategies will not make a channel successful all the time. Even the vlogger either start up or expert will always keep eye on other competitors of the same niche to make a step ahead.

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