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YouTube Channel Analysis

by Jag

It is essential to analyze the things behind every marketing technique so, that if there are any mistakes within them, there is a chance to rectify in the further campaigns and that will become the step to get success in the marketing. The YouTube Channel Analysis is very important in the Youtube marketing in which the functionality can be revealed in the analytical data


About the View Count

View count reveals the data about the number views that a video has earned in a particular time span. So, that we can estimate the negative and positive impacts of the videos and develop according to that in a successful way

Analysis about the Comments and Ratings

Youtube analytics is also very important and helpful to us to know about statistical data of viewers and helps in knowing the positive and negative comments to particular videos that are posted on to the Youtube.

We can know about links that are embedded with our videos

By using the Youtube analytics we can get to know about the reference links and also get the data of the people who have referred the video

Can know about the weak points

We can know about the weak points that are mistakes which we have done in the campaigns. It also helps to analyze the competitor’s rankings and also helpful to compare the things.