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10 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Audience Retention


YouTube is one of the most powerful tools for digital marketing.  YouTube gives the information and propagates the content through videos.

The success of digital marketer depends on retaining the YouTube audience.  Let’s briefly discuss some of the ways to improve YouTube audience retention.

1) Know your Audience:

The marketer should aim and understand the audience and present factual data about his product/service.

2) Keep it short & sweet (KISS):

This is an important success formula for any marketer.  Viewers of content don’t like to go through lengthy essay type data. Rather preference is given for short messages.

3) Content to be Focused:

Despite the deviations that the content may get before the conclusion and the content has to be focused. Then the viewer will be glued to the content till the end.

4) Short Videos:

Division of main content into parts is another important feature that will contribute to retaining the audience. The lengthy video, if any, may be posted as parts and there has to be a mention of the number of parts and link to reach to the other parts of the video.

5) Analytics:

Analytics is another way to retain YouTube audience and also increase the same.  With the advent of techniques to measure the viewer behavior, it is possible to improve the same.  This process would enable the marketer to improve his video to meet the objectives.

6) Video Comparision:

Compare and improve the performance of the video.  The comparison can also be possible against other videos as well as the videos to the marketer himself.

7) Video Views:

The counter of the views will be another shot in the arm to improve the audience retention.The viewers will prefer to watch the video that already has the larger number of views.

8) Attractive Video Titles:

Attractive titling is required to create interest in the minds of the viewer.  An apt title itself can bring the viewer to the video.

9) Video Content Sequence:

Proper sequencing is another important way to ensure that the audience keeps interest in the video. There should be a logic and sequence for content that is being presented in the video.

10) Video Thumbnails:

10) Thumbnails also contribute a lot to the interest of the viewer to the video.  Relevant and suitable thumbnails may be placed across various platforms so that the viewer will get attracted to the video.

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