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YouTube and the Beauty Industry Performance [Study]

YouTube and the Beauty Industry Performance [Study]

While smartphones seem to at no end captivate the imaginations and also the audience of any and every market, the most cosmetic of industries, the BEAUTY industry couldn’t just stay far behind. YouTube is all about branding.

Many a beauty label have jumped onto this marketing, and video ad bandwagon and little can be said as to the scale of popularity that it is going to bring regarding monetary benefit.

Several Ad agencies no longer wish to use various media to advertise or call for auditions.

With YouTube acquiring nearly 90% of online space to show videos, it is a classic case of the medium that chooses to be the one to showcase beauty has itself become a breeding ground for businesses to advertise upon.

Identifying and analysing how 168 major beauty brands and 45,000 YouTube beauty-focused personalities manage, produce, and socialize more than 877,000 hair care, skin care, makeup, and nail videos, this study shows the striking differences between those manufacturing products and those manufacturing videos about products.

Just a handful of beauty brands are effectively incorporating YouTube into their web and commerce initiatives, while only a few are successfully working with YouTube’s independent beauty personalities. Here are some key research findings:

  • Heavy influx of videos of young girls that explain what product suits their skin and which facial cream to not use has taken over and this is causing these big businesses to rethink their areas of investment.
  • YouTube no longer is just a search or a go-to entity. It has elevated itself as the primary business where one can find varied and diverse opinions about beauty and the real truth behind some products that could be potentially harmful.
  • YouTube is also not a place where one needs to post beautifully written and acted out ads. Just raw advice can have as much effect on a woman as the most brilliant ad that can be made.

This study thus indicates the YouTube dynamics that will have a profound impact on how beauty brands and their agencies market and advertise.

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