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What We Learned From Spending $5000 On YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

When we think about video then the immediately striking word is YouTube at which the online video parade has been organized. By considering that most of the companies are completely rely on YouTube to make the promotion of their products or services through the bombardment of video advertising especially on YouTube Advertising.

On behalf of that, they are spending dollars to seize all the available corners to do advertising. Then what could be experienced after doing all this?

Close Monitoring of Ads and dedicated resources will reduce CPV

The frequent analysis on the performance of video ad will project the image to make close monitoring of ads. For the completion of a specific task through the ad by using the committed resources will obviously minimize the cost per view to be paid for the YouTube.

Target your Audience at Rightime

The evaluation of estimating the audience online arrival time to surf the online streams will be done. This will make the advertiser focus on the targeted audience by pushing the relevant content at right time.

When the video ad strikes at the perfect audience then the brand exposed in that ad will get huge murmurings as a demanded one in the market.

ReTarget your Ads on the Right Competition Videos

Find the videos on your YouTube channel that are going viral or long living in the category of YouTube search then retarget your ads on those racing videos.

The icon of your brand will be visited by the vast number of viewers. This automatically clutches unexpected audience.

First 10 Seconds of the Ad is very important

This is the most precious thing that every video advertiser should know that the first 10 seconds of the Ad is a life of the long living brand of one’s products or services.

Most of the audience will be impacted at this moment whether to watch fully or not. The first sight of the ad will be the butterfly to bring the concentration of the audience that leads to becoming customers.

Experiment with Different Types of Ads at Different Timings

You might have an idea of the audience preferences but the same style of ad content will make them boring. Hence, the mission of injecting various ads at different timings will show impress the regular and new audience as well.

This might give a new experience of creating inventions as the best advantage to gain more customers.

Use In-Stream Ads for Instant Branding

The in-stream ad is the only bug that buzzes at each individual which doesn’t allow them to skip until the completion of the ad. These ads will cost a little bit more than other streams. These ads will immediately explore your brand at the doorstep of the audience.

Use Video Discovery Ads for Longterm Branding

The video discovery comes under the true view video ad format. In this, the thumbnail of your video ad will play major role which has been placed in the search results of YouTube.

While the user interested in watching that ad by clicking thumbnail then that view will be counted. This helps to strongly build the long-lasting brand in the market.

Language, Device & Mobile Bidding is Important

Most of the ads on YouTube will be displayed after making auctions though bid. When you choose to promote your brand through bidding on YouTube then you should consider the language, device, and mobile as they play a vital role in the promotion of brands.

The ad words will display the devices with a specific operating system when the ad is delivered and the rise or fall of a bid can be done basing on that.

Optimize Your Video Thumbnails for YouTube Ads

A successful ad on YouTube depends on the thumbnail of the video and the thumbnail should eye-catch the audience at the first arrival. This obviously drains more traffic for the ad you generate on YouTube.


These are most required and genuine key points that every video advertiser should know before launching the ad rocket on YouTube. This article might reveal all these phrases when we have real time experience.

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