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YouTube Advertising : Digital Video Advertising Statistics and Trends

YouTube Advertising

YouTube video marketers are looking ahead to the New Year determine the marketing campaign. Many marketers think whether to continue with the course they charted this year or make changes it. Here are few digital marketing trends to consider for YouTube for the coming year with best us of YouTube Advertising 2019.

YouTube Advertising 2019

Non-ad-based monetization opportunities

Monetization issues are not uncommon for YouTube. YouTube is exploring new ways in which the video creators can get revenue for their videos without depending on advertising.

It is likely that YouTube is going to expand non-ad-based monetization options for nonlive streams.

YouTube says they are concentrating on the monetization issues of the creators and they will continue to improve upon it.

It advised that creators must understand what their community wants and what changes they can make.

YouTube also added that they are trying to be as transparent as possible with the creators when it comes to demonetization issues.

More YouTube Ad Policies Introduced

As per the new changes made by YouTube to its ad policies, channels that have more than ten thousand views only are eligible for advertising.

Other types of content that are not eligible for promotion are the hateful content, incendiary and demeaning content and others.

There were reports that brand ads were showing up on violent and extremist content and many advertisers pulled out of YouTube.

YouTube promised to review and beef up policies for content and rolled out updated guidelines to regain the confidence of advertisers.

YouTube also launched Creator Academy Course using which the creators can understand how to make content that appeals to advertisers.

Raise of Super Chat Monetization for Creators

Super Chat is a feature for creators who can enable it to monetize the live streams.

When this feature enabled by the creator $ icon appears in the message area.

Viewers can select it to make purchases, and the message of these viewers stands out in a chat session.

This feature helps the creators to connect with their fans as well as earn revenue from live streams.

Income can track from Google AdSense dashboard. AdSense dashboard is the newest monetization option for YouTubers.

360 Degree YouTube Video Ads

360-degree video ads on YouTube have launched for both Chrome and YouTube mobile app on Android and iOS.

360-degree video ads are the new ad format and are compatible with Cardboard VR headset of Google.

360-degree video Ad gives the rich experience to the viewers and entirely engages them.

Advertisers will be happy as they can interact with consumers and sustain their attention more with this ad format.

A Google support camera is required to be used to advertise on 360-degree video.

This form is going to be adopted more by the advertisers in the coming months as this provides many benefits.

According to statistics, 360 degree video ads watched 28 percent higher than other formats.

Ninety percent users feel that 360-degree video ads are helpful for them to make purchase decisions as they can feel they are looking at the product in persons.

Implementation of More Advanced AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data Fraud detection Algorithms

Unskippable Ads Eliminated:

Unskippable ad format is said to be the most annoyed ad format for the users. In 2019, these videos will go. The 30 sec ads are going to eliminate, but the 20 and 16 sec unskippable videos will promoted. Unskippable Ads is to provide better ad experience for users.

Geo-Targeted Localized Ads:

Geo-targeted localized ads help people to find where you do business. It helps to see the location wise business and targeting a specific area of business. Mobile devices mainly focus on location-based Ads.

Supervised Learning:

Supervised learning comes where the lots of historical data comes when predicting the future events. These supervised learning , methods come under the advanced AI and popular machine learning algorithms.


YouTube advertising is very valuable to any digital marketing strategies.Here is the guide for the Future of YouTube Advertising trends and statistics.

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