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YouTube Ads Leaderboard: Most-Viewed ‘Stay Home’ Ads

YouTube Ads Leaderboard

YouTube is not only a place for creators/Vloggers/publishers but also the most significant platform for brands. Worlds biggest video platform YouTube announced that the unique addition for they are launching special editions on YouTube ads.YouTube Worldwide has announced the leaderboard most viewed ads on YouTube. Due to quarantine, most of the content creators and brands started “Stay Home” ads.

Brands are showcasing the products and services through YouTube ads. The large number of brands spending a significant amount on advertising. Similarly, a huge number of the audience also spending their time online and watching videos on YouTube. When it comes to brand advertising, Google and YouTube are in the lead. These are the top YouTube ads on leaderboard most viewed stay home ads.

YouTube Ads Leaderboard

Alone Together, Stay Home | Coronavirus Response | Ad Council

Bud Light – We’ll Meet Again :15

Stay Home of the Whopper

Firsts :30

#BuildThanks :15

NFL | Stay Home Stay Strong PSA

Play for the World | You Can’t Stop Us | Nike

Wash Your Hands | Old Spice

OREO Stay home. Stay playful.

Pepsi & Global Citizen | One World Together At Home Artist Lineup | :15


TurboTax 2020 Commercial “From Home” (Official :30) TV Ad


Google has announced the APAC version of the YouTube leaderboard, revealing the top most viewed YouTube ads. While people are staying at more than 80% of people spending on online platforms like YouTube. We have listed here the topmost views on ‘Stay Home’ YouTube ads as per the statistics.

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