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Different Types Of YouTube Ad Formats


We are living in a world of short form content. Youtube platform is massive, and it is hard to reach your targeted audience in a precise way. So, it is imperative to choose the best ad format to reach your targeted audience on this large video platform.

Today, every social media platform is experimenting new ways and providing its advertisers’ with new ad formats for targeting the audience, and likewise, Youtube also did the same with different targeting video formats.

Youtube is maintaining enough ad revenue, and consumers are experiencing the best user experience that is maximising the awareness in reach using the bite-sized ads and mobile targeting ads.

Since from years, the content creators and the advertisers are maintaining the perfect relation to convey the brand message in a clear way to the targeted demographics and other targeting methods. The ad formats are changing their pace in the way of communicating the brand message.

Bumper ads

Bumper ads on Youtube platform are the bite-sized ads that accompany the review messaging which allows the viewers to skip after five seconds though it served contextually.

They are very relevant without disrupting the things, and it also decreased the skipping of the ad by the viewer that provides the audience with the most relevant and exciting to them. By using the bumper ads, you need to target the things in 6 seconds, and that little bit can do everything you want. You can cut the 15 to thirty-second ad spot to grab everything in just six seconds span.

Create ads the bring good emotion and humor to the viewers. Make sure your message is clear. Youtube is pushing the bumper ads in their innovative ad units.

Youtube Masthead Ads

Youtube provides a clearer ad targeting format for advertisers in the name of Youtube Masthead ads. These ad formats allow the advertisers to increase their view count and compile the remarketing lists to meet the engaged viewers.

The main advantages of using the masthead ads are, the advertisers can gain good access to broad range of demographic audience and can create real buzz for their brand. There are many 24 hour takeovers and options to build some custom type mastheads.


In-house build masthead: It is effortless and efficient to launch a masthead on Youtube using the templates of 90×250 unit type.

Standard Custom type: it is similar to the in-house build masthead, and the custom has more options virtually for the customization and creation. Advertisers can utilize this kind of masthead as a black canvas for customer interaction.

Dynamic: The rich media masthead can adjust the images, destination URL and video basing on the time, date and location.

Google preferred

The Google preferred breakout videos be one of the most exciting features for the advertisers on Youtube and ad network. The Google preferred is mainly targets the following things with the ad formats.


It can be targeted with the categories that include the Google preferred which is comprehensive targeting type that finds the best match to your brand and advertisement by linking them in a right way.

By using the breakout videos, the advertisers can detect the present trends and can react in a best possible way to reap the rewards of this format. It also offers the contrast with the classical type of which is already set backwards to the extent. So, be ready to respond to current trends.

You can become the youtube next breakout star by keeping the youtube accounts on tabs and can reveal the viral accounts, stagnated accounts and the rate of views and subscriptions.

All these above are the most interesting useful and exciting ad formats on youtube that every advertiser must know about.

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