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How to Set Up an Effective YouTube Ad Campaign

Youtube Ad Campaign

Lots of efforts are put in perfecting the scripts, storyboarding, shooting and editing a product video or a promotional video.The primary thing we should follow for every business growth must include Effective YouTube Ad Campaign.

To get the maximum value for the time and resources invested, you cannot just embed the video on the homepage of the website or share it on the social media as this is not enough to get enough views.

One of the ways to gain the attention of the audience is to post the run YouTube ad campaign.

However running the YouTube ad campaign is different from others.

Types of Video Ads 

There are two types of YouTube video ads. Trueview ads where the advertisers pay only when viewers watch and interact with the ad.

There are two types of Trueview ads and these are Video discover ads or in-display ads.

These appear on the homepage of the YouTube, in search results and so on. In-stream ads are the second type of TrueView ads and these can be skipped after watching for five seconds.

It is easy to get the information of ad performing with TrueView ads.

Setting up YouTube Ad Campaign 

Once the type of ad is selected and the video is ready, it is time to set up and upload the video to YouTube.

Here are the steps to set up the campaign.

Go to the Google Adwords homepage and click on the ‘Campaign’ button and then select ‘Video’.

Give a name to your campaign.

Do this after choosing the video from Type drop down menu.

After this, you will have to select the ‘in-stream of video discovery ads’.

This is to make sure that the video ad will be in the TrueView format.

The next step in setting up the YouTube video ad campaign is to set the budget per day.

There are two delivery methods to choose from and these are standard delivery and accelerated delivery.

Choose the accelerated delivery to capitalize on a trend relevant to your video. Next is the time to choose Networks.

The ad can appear in YouTube Search, YouTube Videos and two separate campaigns are required to be created to track performance metrics.

Choose the location of users who you want to ad to be watched.

There is also the facility to exclusive some locations. For advanced targeting, you can also specify the targeting system, device and carrier.

Next, go to the advanced settings and choose the beginning and ending dates for the campaign.

Name the ad group and insert the YouTube link for the video on which you want to run the ad.

Based on what you choose the in-stream ad or the in-display ad, you will have to include the title, short description etc.

Bidding is the next step in setting up the YouTube video ad campaigns.

The maximum price you want to pay for each view is determined here. You can choose the target audience based on gender, interests etc.

You can run multiple campaigns for different target groups and check who is most engaged.

Use the in-display ad with keyword targeting which is a powerful tool.

Link the AdWords account to the YouTube channel where the video is hosted.

And then click ‘Finish’.

The video ad campaign is now ready to run.

Make the most from YouTube ad campaign by defining the metrics and goals, tracking the low performing placements etc.

Thumbnail for the video should be used to grab the attention of the viewer. Have a clear call to action in the promoting videos on YouTube. Direct the audience to a landing page, product page or your website.

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