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World’s Smallest Video Drone – Review


Axis Vidius Quadcopter is the world’s smallest video drone equipped with Camera. It even has First Person View (FPV) goggles, When it comes to measurements 4.3 cm x 4.3 cm x 2.5 cm flying capability of 100 feet away.

Axis company is specialised in making tiny drones and now launching a new Axis Vidius World’s smallest tiny drone not more than one inch taller and weigh over an Ounce.

This flying drone itself carrying the camera for shooting epic clips of videos and pics. It can fly up to 100 feet for the aerial view of taking photos and shooting videos.

The most important feature of this tiny drone it can stream live videos of 420p resolution with live video of maximum 5-7 minutes, crystal clear videos and still images in flying mode.

The drone itself comes with 2GB micro SD card to save your photos and videos. It can live stream video up to 5-7 minutes on drone and 20 minutes when it connected to USB charger.

Vidius has LED light for night flying and it provides three-speed flight modes in areal view. They are siding flight, flip, hover and hand launch capabilities.

The four blade quadcopter can fly Omni -directional, that means it can dip, Zip, spin and dash move anywhere when you control with a remote controller. It moves up, down, left and right direction.

It can perform live videos in 360-degree flips and stream while recording the video, it has 6-axis gyro stabilisation to keep it centred and rotate to full 360 degrees.

The Axis Vidius can be controlled by a smartphone with android and iOS versions, it comes with 2.4 GHZ controller to pilot the drone.

You can live to stream the video, send feeds when it connected to WIFI. you can send feeds through any social media websites to give live stream.

Right now you can pre-order the Axis Vidius tiny drone for only $26.99 of some e-commerce websites, you can select any of the colours like Orange, black with the same cost.


If anybody would love to present a small gift with a friendly budget you can buy this Axis videos world’s smallest video drone. This is an extraordinary guide for World’s smallest video drone for Folgers and aerial photography lovers.

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