Wochit SVP Partnerships Drew Berkowitz Exclusive Interview


ReelnReel.com Special and exclusive interview with “Drew Berkowitz” – SVP Partnerships at Wochit

    Tell me something about your company wochit and the platform ?

Wochit is a content creation platform that enables storytellers to quickly create custom videos. We discovery of licensed content from AP, Reuters Getty and more, the ability to upload your own content, quick creative storyboard and edits, the ability to add in a human voice and automated post-production that delivers a white label video in 10-15 minutes the creator can publish anywhere across digital and mobile platforms.

Why is Social video the future of content marketing?

Social provides a platform to deliver content at targeted scale with additional earned media through social share. Recommendation through friends is always more powerful.

What to expect in the near future about Video Content Creation?

Wochit will continue to provide new and unique ways for creators to create compelling videos in near real time, while enhancing opportunities for collaboration on a global scale.

Tell me something about Mobile videos and Wochit?

Mobile has shown the importance of consuming content through video even more so than desktop/laptop. It’s not easy digesting journalism on a small screen. Wochit’s near real-time video enables consumers to understand news stories across mobile more accessible.

What is Wochit Monetization Model?

We partner with publishers on creating valuable inventory they can then monetise through brands, sponsorships, native advertising, syndication and other…

How Publishers can benefit using wochit?

Wochit provides an ability for efficient custom video that drives engagement and enhances time spent. If a publisher is a spending money to write content, then they need an effective way for users to discover that and wochit video provides that ability with little risk and big reward.

Drew Berkowitz:


Drew Berkowitz has nearly 20 years of digital media experience, insight and industry perspective. He currently serves as Senior Vice President at Wochit, leading efforts to help guide publishers, journalists, brands and storytellers elevate their content by creating custom Video. Drew was most recently General Manager of AOL’s Goviral Division, leading the US launch with publishers and agencies, while also integrating systems within AOL’s video department. He also served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vimeo where he won numerous awards for creating video partnerships between brands and Vimeo’s community. Drew started in the digital landscape launching Comedy Central’s website before starting his consultancy in 1999 to help other emerging digital companies strategise and execute across sales and marketing. Drew is currently writing a book titled, “Why You Won’t Read This”, covering the shift in consumption of information from written word to video. Reach Drew on Twitter: @berkowitz68

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